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has anyone heard from sadinmichigan? I havent for months, just wondering if she is ok?

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it'd be nice to hear from her b4 i go, she was one of the first to lend a ear & has helped more than words. if i don't get a chance to say good-bye, would you let her know for me that i'll miss her & thank her for all her help?  i'll look her up when i get back.. thanks

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She is not on med help anymore. I am not sure who or if she has kept in contact with people maybe they will chime in if they are.
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Sad is doing good I keep in touch with her weekly
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would you let her know that i'm leaving for rehab on thursday, that i'm gonna miss her & hope that her and her family are well.. thanks -jesse
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Yes I will do it now okay
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would you let her know I'm thinking about her she had gave me her email address at one time but I can't find it. pm me if she would like mine .  thanks

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please send her my best wishes and thoughts.

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