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shooting star!!!!

just smoking my nightly cig and seen a shooting star and i gave me gooosebumps  woooooow    this might be a weird yayyyyy but feel this earth gives us many reasons to stay strong  ......this is my way of saying keep a wandering eye out for the little things  that keep us going ........i love the new me and cherish the lil tihings like shooting stars and things like the aurora borealis!!!!!
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Hi Dirk:

haha i love this! oh my what a beautiful thing it is to become clean of drugs and to experience those little pleasures as intense joy. I feel it too. It's downright overwhelming. People forget to talk about the good things that flood right on in along with the bad of coming clean.

Thank you for sharing this. I sit with a huge smile on my face imagining a shooting star and I can feel the tingling in my spirit as well :)
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these are the things which a creative person can find and know and feel.
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Awesome - the moon has been most stunning the past few nights...I think it is welcoming in Spring.
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Awesome post -- thank you!!!
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I studied the moon last night. The greatest wealth is contentment with a little.
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