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sick twisted joke!!

Really ya'll?! Day 27 here and my pharmacy is rite aid so when ever I have a prescriptions ready I get an email and text message. So about 30 minutes ago I got a text my prescriptions was ready for pick up. I called to see what the heck they are giving me now I thought it was another inhaler or something then the lady said my doctors office sent in a refill for my hydrocodone!!! Before I could even think I blurted out cancel it I don't need or want it and she told me ok. Now my legs are jumpy, heart is pounding and my hands are clammy. What the heck is that?! I was doing so good and now I am craving and I honestly thought for a second "you idiot you should of got it". Ugh going to NA twice tomorrow. That was not nice!!
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good job on sayn no...that took courage,and i would feel the same..what a trigger,,refil days were always the best feeling days...mines coming up on the 29th...but mine requires dr apt everymonth..no refills ever...p n cup..wait...thats it...here ya go....jeez...cant honestly say id say no..horrible, as im on day 13...STILL have 59 left....dont know why,,,kinda like...if the blank hits the fan....,,,but as of now im not gonna use..just for today......good to hear fr u..b cool...
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Good job on Day 27 but I agree these situations stink, something hits you unexpectedly and it's amazing to see the things our brains tell us.  I'm 51 days myself and some days I definitely crave more than others but I just keep pushing forward.  Keep it up, just another test on your journey and you passed!  Be proud of yourself!
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I had something similar happen to me at around day 60 something  and I was so mad at myself for saying no but I ,like you just said it before I had a chance to think too much about it.I was at dentist for a dying tooth and she said   well what were going to do is put you on vicodin...I said no I don't want any opiate.Then I felt all weird for the rest of the day but I got over it because the truth of the matter is I could go out right now and find whatever I want so why even bother with the inner turmoil of turning that particular script down.I really have been turning it down every day.
Tomorow is another day to fight ~or not
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Wow you guys in the US get opiates thrown at you soo easily its unreal! In the UK you would have to have some really really bad pain to require hydros.it must be hard to refuse i salute you.
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Thanks guys I just couldnt believe that crap. I am glad I didnt have time to think but o my goodness. That would of been a major screw up. I kinda got mad at them like they should know not to give them to me but why would they. I still look at people and wonder if they are addicts and I always think people look at me and know I am. On a good note I start my new job next monday! WOOHOO!! dont worry I know right now i am not strong enough to work in the medical field but I didnt want to completely miss out on helping people so I applied for an office manager job at a Animal Hospital and got it!! No drugs lying around = no temptation at work. Plus I am a mommy not only to my son but I have 2 dogs (a great dane and a chichuahua, I know big size difference but I love all the people who stop and ask questions when we walk) and I have 3 rescue cats, this means discounts on visits and foods for them. I hope you all are having a great day.
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It's way to easy in California you stub your toe you get vicodin. That way the doctors dont have to spend as much time with you.
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