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so sad

i am so sad this morning i miss my daughter and my grandbaby they are, my life, my soul i never thout my daughter would ever do this to me we were so very close and i just cant stop crying just keep thinking about them and asking why did they leave me so alone i am so very alone no family few friends and im just kinda going out of my mind please somebody get my spirits up
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im sorry your feeling sad... can you  think of the times when you were clean and you had a good relationship with your daughter and then work towards the way you were then? If your honest with them perhaps you can once again be close... if you are trying to be clean maybe start going to a good active church where you can make new friends and start to do some things for  yourself.. like going out to eat or other social events with new people that wont lead you to use... can you try to pull yourself up by the bootstraps & put one foot infront of the other? meeting new ppl and finding a new life isnt easy but you can do it if you really want it and when you do that your family will see you have a different and healthy new life... they will want to be back in your life... have  you ever considered counseling to understand why your addicted and why you may be codependant with your daughter? I bet counseling would help.. it helped me a lot... you could start today by looking up some phone numbers of counselors and making an apt and look up some churches that appeal to you in your area... life is too short to sit around in a bummed out spirit and numbing your pain with substances.. i hope you start to feel better and get yourself movin in the right direction... good luck and God bless..
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Our actions speak louder than words~~~~~~sara
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i'm really sorry you feel so all alone and that your daughter has distanced herself from you.

i am on the same side of addiction as your daughter is...watching someone that we love slowly killing themselves.  i dont know your full story...but i did see where you posted that your kids didnt want anything to do with you because of your addiction.  

i am not an addict...but 3 of my kids are.  i can tell you that i have had to distance myself from one of them because of the pain that it causes ME to continue to watch him die from addiction.  i have heard all the lies that i want to hear.  i have had all my possessions stolen that i'm going to have stolen.  when i look at my son...he is NOT the person that i once knew...he is mean and abusive...he doesnt even look like himself.  "I" cant take this anymore ! ! !

what i can also tell you is that i will always love and adore this child of mine.  if and when he decides that he's had enough and HE does something to end his active addiction...i will be there for him...i just wont be involved in his addiction another day.

if and when my sons gets clean...it will NOT be automatic forgiveness and understanding.  why?  i've done that too many times to count.  it will take time for him to EARN my trust back.  years of destruction doesnt mend overnight.

your children will come back IF AND WHEN you prove by your actions that you have changed.  words mean nothing when they come from an addict...actions say everything.

i'm pretty sure that this reply wasnt what you were looking for...but i cant help being honest about how our loved one's addiction hurts US.  we are the innocents and we pay the price.
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