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songs that get u thru....

welll, now that im over a week the physicals are gone and i actually have felt the best i have ever felt going thru this im not trying to thnk about about the future which usually scares the sht outta me just kinda going with the flow, but music has always been apart of me and got me tru stuff so i was wondering if any of y have certain songs that either lift ur spirits or get u over the humo from thinking bout bad thoughts or usung or old days or even songs that mayb u cant listen to anymore cuz it makes u think bad or what not...for me when i go thru this i listen to rodney atkins "if ur going thru hell" thats the one that gets me a lil bit and makes me not thnk so much about withdralws or whatnot i was just curious if anyone else had any other songs that has and still helping u out???
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re: outatown...yep...and Mel Tillis, and may others...David Allen's Coe's classic "you never even call me by my name" is great.  Today's country music is just too flashy..hard to tell country from today's rock..Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash..had the pleasure of seeing Waylon one time...quiet a show.

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My hubby laughs at my mix of music...just depends on my mood...LOL
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I LOVE Janis Joplin..have everything I can find...Have been a HUGH fan since I was like 14 yrs old...
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pearl jam-- yellow ledbetter

floyd cramer.. last date

Hotel California....

Just Droped in....(to see what condition my condition was in)

About anything 60's & 70's cause I loved all of it

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I listen to alot of Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd and Jimmy Buffett
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Switchfoot..."This is Home" from the Prince Caspian Movie.
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