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everybody light candles,LOTS of candles heeheehee!!!!
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congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WOW sway, you rock girl!!!!! 1 year is such an achievement, CONGRATS!!!!
Be proud girl, you deserve all the credit!!!
Keep on keeping. xoxoxo. sophie.
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HUGE CONGRADULATIONS !  Keep up the great work.
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OMG, I've been told it's really your B-day!!! Me duuuuuuuuh!!! LOLOLOL
Happy Birthday girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xoxoxo. sophie.
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yes it's a nice little inaccuracy. not one year clean, just another year older, but i still look good. lol
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Enjoy your day and smile often! :)
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HAPPY 65TH my friend, haha. Hope you have a great day and yes, you still look good!
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Happy Birthday!!!            sara
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Candles????    I have known Sway long enough to know that Al Gore would consider that many candles a threat to the world via global warming!!  Criminy - she was a Nurse in the Civil War or something like that........and remembers when Indians roamed the East Coast. Can only say that you couldnt find a better friend and especially one of her age!!  Wisdom tcomes with that age - and sway wears it well............
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Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sway, Happy Birthday to you!

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you guys are so fine. i think i'll keep you around a while. eagle, i told you not to tell! gizzy, i gotchu! lol. the clouds are parting now and the stars are revealing themselves. crickets are chirping, but not too fast. bats are working on the insect population for my poor OLD skin. all in all it has been a wonderful day to be a crone. i love you guys. goodnight, peace and sweet dreams to all. christine
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bump......for sway1's B-DAY !!!

hope you had a good one !!
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You go girl....so happy for you..
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Happy Birthday!!!
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