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tramadol addiction

Hello All:
One of the first entries I read today was from Kathy, I think was her name. I was sad to hear she was leaving the site because of the new format. Unfortunately I have just joined and do not know of any other format so I don't know what she is talking about. Regardless, I find this site to be very helpful and bring hope to many people who have felt they have none. Although I am not to that point I would ask all of you that could help answer a couple of questions for me.
First I have been addicted to Tramadol, generic Ultram for a couple of years now. I am completely motivated and focused now to get rid of this addiction for good. I am a single parent with custody of my 7 year old son and want to get back to being healthy and strong. As a former athlete, this is making me feel very weak.
I have heard Clonodine is a pretty good med to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal, which is, as for many, is my achilles heel with getting off this stuff. If I can just get past that, I know I will be fine. I have done it before. Can someone please tell me what has worked best for them, what their weaning schedule was, and just generally how to ease the awful symptoms of withdrawal. Thank you so much and I hope everyone here finds the help the are looking for. I look forward to being one of those who have become clean and can help with those just getting started on the road to recovery.
Thank you.
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Its me Cathy, and the other format was just written out differently, and I just really liked it before. About a year ago there was about a dozen or better, we talked about staying clean, told jokes, they even designed a special side for us to see how one and anothers day was. And the more serious ones that wanted to keep the conversation to talking straight addiction, and solutions, they had a site for them and a site a bit more social. Actually Medhelp is a wonderful place, and I'm sure you'll find a lotta love and caring people around here. I', just lost right now, and I'm not feeling like I fit in anymore. Maybe its a hormonal funk, but I don't usually say good bye for people to say please stay. Most of my friends are not here anymore and I'm having dificulty making new aquaintes. I'm sure you will find this to be a very helpful place. Good luck to you.     Cathy
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hello and welcome...

as lonote stated...there are two forum here.  this forum is not very busy and i dont want you to feel that you are being overlooked.  the other forum is the substance abuse addiction forum.  you might want to post over there and i'm sure you will get alot of responses from ppl who have knowledge on how to best help you.

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i'm day 10 ct from tram. good things are starting to fall in place for me.
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