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trojan viruses

Hey Guys,

Each time i log on, i get a warning for a trojan virus. Anyone else experiencing this?

I am happy to reposrt that I am doing well (3 wks +1day). Aftercare is in place and I feel better and stronger than ever. I want to tahnk everyone here for their encouragement and the way you all lifted me up out of the pits of hell.
I cannot thank you enough!

Keep going strong and never turn back. You can not move forward if you're looking behind you. XXOO

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Isnt it great to wake up and not be living a lie and playing games anymore!!  Keep it going.....

No Trojan viruses here
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Do you have a virus scanner/remover on your system...if you are running McAfee or even Symantec (Norton) they sometimes don't always catch them...I recommend getting AVG virus scanner...it's free and very effective..you can download it on CNET.com and search for AVG Free Version..download it and set it up to run every day...I haven't had a virus on my home computer in years.

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Congrats on your progress to date. You are doing great. Just take one day at a time and keep the faith.

As far as your computer virus is concerned, I would uninstall your Norton antivirus and istall AVG vruis protection software whicg is free. It is mucg better ant virus software than Norton. If you don't diasable the Norton you could have problems.

Stay strong and llok ahead to even better days. Let me knwo if I can help you in any way in your recovery efforts.
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hi....i also am getting trojan virus warnings when i log in..im running kaspersky av 2010  so im ok but they seem to appear when i log on and it takes ages to submit my details....hope nobody is too affected by this glad your doing well
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AVG isnt free anymore last time I checked...I could be wrong
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