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vacation in the u.s.

i haven't travelled to the u.s in a couple years. i would love to go on vacation somewhere there again soon. i have been to florida, NY, michigan, minesota, that's about it. i want to go to vegas or something. i don't live far from the border near NY and i have loved the times i have been to the states. my parents went to south carolina a few years back on a golfing trip and loved it. ok so  what's a good state for golf  and has a lot to do, has to be warm too. is each state there a lot different from others??? i notice the different cool accents, lol
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TPC Sawgrass in florida
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Do the Amish country. Especially now that summer's almost here.
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maryland would be a good choice. there are a ton of golf courses. i live in a town population about 20,000. small suburb and there is 3 golf courses, pretty nice to. but there is a lot to do in maryland because of the 3 big cities(baltimore,d.c, and annapolis). can also go to the east coast of maryland and go to ocean city, great place to go, nice beaches and tons to do, golf courses included.
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You would love Hilton Head, or Saint Simons Island, SC great golf and beaches. Very nice areas. Of course I love the Gulf side of Florida the white beaches are the best.

I want to plan a short trip to Vegas next year for our 20th anniversary...if we make it, LOL
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LOL  I was in Vegas last Sept and I couldn't believe it , I didn't see one Elvis. I was a little disapointed.  I think he is hiding from me !  
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I know a lot of people go to South Carolina to golf....I think Hilton Head is what it is called.  My big brother goes there a lot.  If you see him....Aim for his head!!!! LOLOL
You know that if you come to the states you have to come visit your sister and your nieces, Uncle Gizzy!   Boston is a really cool city to see and in the summer it is warm and full of energy!  
I think you would like Vegas too.  I went 2 years ago.  There are infinite things to do and the best part is that Elvis is still alive!  I have pictures to prove it!
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My vote is for Vegas.  I think it's a place everyone should go at least once.  Make sure you get to see the LOVE show by Circ de soule.  It's based on the Beatles and was soooo good. There's so much to see and do there.  Remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. lol
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hey giz, alabama has the best robert trent jones courses.  a friend of mine loves it there.  and maybe you could detour to louisiana.....i would love to have you here.  lol
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