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what was your first car and your best memories in that car?

What was your first car and your memories in that car?

I had a purple 69 cougar and use to drag race all the guys in their souped up car. remember back when I had this car I was 16 and everyone jacked up the back. I use to race title for title, never took their title, getting beat by a girl was bad enough for them? brings back lots of good memories.

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well my 1st official car was a hideous 1970 something CHevy Malibu (not the cool year/body, it was big and ugly). It was maroon and rust (mostly rust) and the passenger side had apparently been broadsided by a Semi doing 130 mph as the door and side were completely crushed in so far I could touch the inside passenger door panel while still sitting in the drivers' seat LOL.  I didnt have that car long. I had a long string of "starter cars" for a youngster. The real fun didnt start til I got my 71 Chevelle with a bigblock 454 cc engine. It was S W E E T !! Bright orange/red with black racing stripes and a hood scoop. It was the S H I T ! I drag raced it like crazy.  My other best car was my 81 Z-28 Camaro.  BLack with red racing stripes and hood scoop too. Stick shift, fast as helll. I raced it too and the memories with it......oh my.....lets just say i had some fun on the hood of it    
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scaredmom: thats so funny we both had cool fast cars and raced them! We'll have to post some pics of the cars if you have any. Im not sure I have any pics of those cars on my puter though. Id have to take a picture of a photo and load it that way lol  I know i have lots of pics of me with my cars from back in the day (including when my hair was blonde!!)
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My first car was A 1967 dodge r/t with a 440 C.I engine 410 rear gears, Traction bars,3 speed automatic. Green with black vinyl top. Had lots of fun on Friday and Saturday nights on the turnpike. Going through mickey Dees .burger king and other fast food looking for some action.
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Mine was a 74 Vega, it was a real piece of ****. I never had much money so that was the best I could do.
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1957 VW Bug, purchased for $300 in 1968., the first of 4 VW bugs for me..had that one, a 63, 69 and 74.  The 57 was my favorite.  Best memories...my own car..dates with my
girlfriend, running out of gas in the middle of nowhere  and remembering I had a reserve tank with 1.5 gals in it..being able to work on it easily..trips to San Francisco (lived south of there) for dates, trips to Clear Lake to water ski..working on it til 4AM with a friend of mine..."racing" with my 2 best friends who also had bugs at
2-3 AM through windy roads to the coast.

bad memories...sitting in it the night after halloween in 1968 as my girlfriend and I broke up, coming this close >< to getting "busted", blowing the transmission and after 2 weeks of trying to fix it, having it hauled out of my Dad's garage to the home of a guy who gave me $100 for it.

a week later, along came the  63 Bug with a whole host of other stories.

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Mine was a 72 Dodge Dart!  I loved that car!!!! It was awesome.  It was a baby blue color.  My friends and I would drive it to the Jersey shore.  We had a lot of fun that summer!  I miss that car!!!
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I will try and keep this PG --- first was 66 Nova SS .... then 68 Plymouth Sport Fury with 440 inch ..... then 69 Dodge Dart GTS -----  Never had a problem with any Z-28 I came across ----- Yep - at the drag strip about every weekend. And maybe every night in the street............I could get the front wheels off the ground with strong power shift at 7000RPM!!!
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66 Gold Mustang Convertable, so many good times with that car. It was a party car. After that I had a black 66 Chevy Malibu Convertable with red interior, that was a fun car too.
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Peugeot 306 TD. Cost me £6,500, i was the proudest person on earth. tee hee.
This car was my baby. lol. Always posin in it. When i got a spoiler and alloys on it, I was out ALL day and night showing it off. lmao.
'Totalled' it about 2 weeks later. (Thats what i get for showin off)
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my first car was a yellow convertible corvette...it's a wonder i didnt kill myself!

my best memories... that my dad was mayor and i never got a speeding ticket because of that fact  :)  
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My first car and first love was a TR 3 . 1953  One of my many memories in that HOT red car was me and my friend Peggy driving to Vegas from March AFB with the top down , going about 80 mph and our tops off waving and laughing at truckers.
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  On  a technical note, I don't believe the TR3 was available until 1955..prior to that was the TR2..either way..a fun car.

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I had a 1936 Hudson which we bought for ten dollars. Someone had died in it and they couldn't sell it even for scrap because the smell lingered in the metal and upholstery. I and my friends ,who all chipped in to buy it, scrubbed it with everything you could think of. We used cresole and water as well as other things like turpentine, (took off a lot of paint inside) lye soap and a myriad of other disinfectants. After about three months we managed to get it bearable. She was a good old car our Betsy and now lies at the bottom of the Toronto harbour making a good home for the tiger mussels. How it got there is another story for later
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1979 ford mustang.....and my best memory was getting lucky.......:-))

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You were even Nauty then, eh?  LOL!!!!  :)  
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I was born Nauty.......:-))))~~~~~whoo hoo!
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LOL!!!  You're too funny!!!  
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My first car was Ford Fairmont.  It was white with a sun roof.  I got it straight from the factory.  I thought I was one cool girl in that car, especially since I got it when I was 14.  It holds special memories for me because it was the car me and a friend were riding around in when my hubby asked if he could go with us.  I let the friend drive and I sat in the middle beside him and after a couple of hours, my friend said, "Are you two ever gonna kiss"?  That was our first kiss, and I am proud to say that we have never "locked lips" with anyone else to this day.
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LOL..nauty you weren't the only bad girl..lol..I had a 69 Nova..totally cool and ummm..well i was cool.LOL  And I also had a 82? 4 dr. Bonneville diesel..LOL  it was the party bus..LOL and had  very roomy seats..
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I was just going by what the title and owner manual said.  I don't care about technical notes.  Geez  
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I'm sorry...no offense meant...I'm a bit of a TR nut..and I could be wrong..I had a friend that had a TR2, and then a couple TR3's, a 4, and a 6.  Doesn't make me an expert and I apologize if I came across that way...

Either way, they were fun cars.

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i had a 67 GTO. great times at the drive in and make out sessions in the back seat/ i later had a cougar too, 67 XR7 GT, beautiful car, 4 speed, very fast, but it was a total lemon. i sold it in 69. later found out that it had an engine fire and was totally destroyed. wonderful memories about my GTO though. rack
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my first car was a 1961 buick special..what acar..wish i would have been smart enough to keep it.. and of coarse the best times were climbing in that big back seat and partying... i will leave that to each and everyones own imagination
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I had a 1987 Ford Escort.........The best time in it was being alone for the 1st time with my girlfriend (now my wife).
We had a great time in the parking lot of the place i worked at the time.....
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