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just what the heck were you doing up at 3:00 in the morning????????
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I was just about to post to you.  I was up because I couldn't sleep.
But Otis, you need to check your dang private messages once in a while.  That's what it's there for; communication!
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shut...i just remembered that i've got to run to the grocery store and try to beat all the other old ladies who have waited to the last minute to shop.   you know how we are...buggies everywhere...running into each other...turning around in the middle of the aisle...walking off and leaving them because we forgot something...and we are "always" coming around the corner at the same time that you are.

i used to hate shopping with all the senior citizens...now i'm part of them.  funny how life changes
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if you will remember...i was a little "under the weather" yesterday...lol

do you think they will care if i wear my jammies to the store?  i will at least throw on a sweatshirt and bra over the top...hehe.

i will talk to you in a few...i've got to at least brush my teeth before i go...lol.

omg...i'm dreading this.   wish me luck.

much love,

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Is that so you can beat all the old ladies to the frozen food section ala Stouffers?  Oh I am so funny when I get no sleep...
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meant to say shoot...not shut

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very funny yogi :)

dont think you have one up one me...ms paula dean here.

i know you think i do nothing...and most of the time i do...but i actually cooked today.  

get up off that floor damn*t...i did

i have cooked...dressing, english pea and asparagus casserole, broccoli and rice casserole. baked a cake (ok...it did come from a box, but still), made potato salad, AND deviled some eggs...this is my part of the fam damily's meal.   my kitchen is a wreck...i'm worn out...think i'll take a nap.

oh yeah...normally my adhd will NOT allow me to decorate for christmas all at one time...it is a two or three week ordeal...constantly changing things around...i'm always late starting and still putting things out like the day before christmas.  soooooooo...right in the middle of cooking, i went up in the attic and started pulling things down.   what?  you say.   stop it!!!!!!  it's not even thanksgiving yet and my greatroom is decorated for christmas...lol.   never claimed there was any rhyme or reason to me.  i'm gonna "try" to finish this weekend.   WHATEVER

so ms yogi...what have YOU done today?

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Blow me down.   I can't believe it.  Well I woke up very, very early this morning and played around on the computer.  Then went to school.  Then went to WalMart.  Then went to Publix.  Then went and got gas.  Came home, unloaded groceries, and ate something (2 twinkies) and tried to take a little nap.  I couldn't nap so then I cleaned and changed the cat box.  Then I started looking for my recipes and that's as far as I am.  I still have all the cooking to do and a two hour drive to make to my sister's.  But I have a secret:  We have our Thanksgiving feast on Saturday after Thanksgiving.  My mom started this tradition years ago so she could claim everyone for Christmas Day and the in-laws couldn't say anything because we went there on Thanksgiving Day.  And then we'd go to my parents two days later.  So that's why I'm not in a tizzy cooking.  I need to start though.  Because I have to make a lot of time consuming stuff, and even chopping pecans is a chore.
But I'm so proud of you Otis!
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