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Please welcome TooManyAdvil she is one of the community leaders of the pain management forum  . She will be answering questions today and tomorrow about Alternative Pain Management and Medicines . She will be here for the next two days so we should all have time to ask our questions...........

I am very happy to give any new suggestions or ideas in treating pain without the use of opioids or narcotics that I can.
I'm definitely not a certified herbalist, homeopathic or DR. I have been using alternative methods on myself for years and through counseling others with addictions that needed to come up with new ideas that they could possibly try.
I avoid giving any advice on homeopathic medicine or certain herbs and essential oils I have not used or know too little about myself.

Like everything else you should always let your DR know if you would like to start using even something as simple as a Chamomile compress so they are aware of your treatment preferences and can alert you to anything they don’t think is appropriate for you.
I also suggest doing research on anything you would like to try so you can know all that’s possible to know about it.
If you are pregnant, have epilepsy, hypersensitivity or manic depression you should not use essential oils or herbs  without talking to your DR, certified herbalist or a homeopathic.
But I do have suggestions on certain everyday foods that can be eaten on a daily basis to combat certain ailments which are generally safe unless you have a food allergies. And alternative practices like acupuncture and ancient healing exercises.

I will make sure to suggest generally safe alternatives and give warnings , best as I can, as to who should avoid certain things.
So with my bit of an obsessive compulsive disclaimer,,,lol:), if anyone has any questions I would be more than happy to give some new possible ideas or suggestions you can talk to your DR or a homeopath about.
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     Yippee, we are all excited that you would take the time to share ideas with us. Many here do have legitimate pain and need non-narcotic ways to lessen the pain. Thank you for doing this!!
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I'm very happy to do it!
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Is acupuncture helpful and do you know if it hurts ?
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Hi avisg!

         Acupuncture has shown to be extreamly helpful and successful for many people.
Its used to restore and maintain health through the stimulation of specific points throughout the body. The practitioner uses thin, solid metalic needle and manipulates it by hand or electrical stimulation.
Finding a really qualified practioner is really important because while accupuncture is known to be safe for most people, if an unqualified practioner is performing it there can be serious side effects.
A practitioner should have no problem how long they have been practicing and what there success rate has been. If someone doesnt want to answer those questions, high tail it to someone else.

Accupuncture is actually known to be very soothing after you are able to calm any anxieties you have about the first appointment.
It can be really nerve racking thinking of how accupuncture is done. But with a good preactitioner you should feel no pain and very little sensativity. Some say they dont feel anything put a little sensation.
Being tense and anxious will feel worse than anything.  And most people leave feeling renewed and calm.

Hope that helps a bit
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But I also should mention that if you do feel a bit of pain the first time thats okay.  our individual bodies interperate sensations differently.What my body may interperate as a sting or pain your may not. Just the antisipation of whats happening can make sensations feel diferently or magnified So as long as it doesnt feel like an awful sensation just hang in there until your anxiety calms and your nerves calm down.
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Thank you for the information  :)
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