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has any1 heard of TC. what is the difference between NA and TC?????????
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What is a Therapeutic Community?
The Therapeutic Community (TC) is a style of treatment that engages the whole person in the recovery process and challenges the individual to have a full, positive life with healthy supportive relationships and satisfying work.
The TC is a self help program whose primary goals are the cessation of substance abuse behaviors and fostering personal growth. Community activities lead members to learn about themselves in the areas of emotional, intellectual and spiritual condition, behavior management, and survival skills, which may include vocational and/or educational assessments. The TC believes that people can change and that learning occurs through challenge and action, understanding and sharing common human experiences

na is based on a 12 step program.
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hi gunn,
so glad to see you back. hope and pray you are doing well. i had never heard of TC before, just looked it up and it is also being used in the usa as a treatment program.


is this a program that is offered in india?
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Not sure about TC but 2 alternatives to N/A that I have found are Celebrate Recovery & SMART meetings.  Whatever works for you is what matters:)
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