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It looks like there is nobody active on this forum today.  I was just wondering, I do not see any activity or responses at all today.  Unless something is going wrong with my computer ?????
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Nothing wrong with your computer.  It's just that time of year of graduations and the NBA Finals tonight.  Don't feel like your unimportant or no one cares.  Sometimes it's tough juggling a life and coming here.  Anyway, how are you?
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Xcalibure said it. Also, it's Sunday and it's father's day. People are out. How are you doing right now?
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I just saw your other post. I didn't realize you've been around the detox block before. The longer we use, each detox is worse and worse. Ain't that grand? It's like the universe's way of telling us how bad this disease is.
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How did I forget to mention Father's Day.....wow I'm slipping.
Hi excalibure......you are not slipping.....I have completely fallen, wondering if I can even get up.  yep I have detoxed cold turkey quite a few times.  I am just a mental mess.   This whole ordeal Im speaking from the entire beginning...like from the time I came home from my surgery 7-8 yrs. ago.  See we dont think anything of those lil pills, because the doctor gave it to me....so we think its okay to just keep taking them.  Thats where it all began.  Once I discovered that I liked the way they made me feel.  I couldnt stop.   The fact is your doomed eirher way, because i couldnt keep enough for a everyday habit, then once you run out, you go into withdrawal.  And it got to a point that even when I was taking them.  I never had enough....couldnt stop...and I still was not well.  Its a vicious cycle.  Like so many have said....they eventually stop working anyhow, so your just taking them to try to feel normal.  Which for me.....It still didnt work.  I literally am mad at the world,  and myself, for landing in this predicament.  My life has gotten sooooo outta control.
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Hey all I just got back on here I have been battling a very long addiction of over 9 years of pain killers. its been hard ive lost myself lost my family in the procoss too acually got them back then just almost lost them agian last night but have finally realized what I have to do and stick to it.. something I am not very good at.. but here is too another long road... this time im sticking too.
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Why don't you start your own thread, ok?  That way other can respond just to you.  It's GREAT to see you back ready for some help.
Oh dear god...this is really something to experience.  I hate it with every fiber of my being.  This is sooo very sick.  I am so tired, fatigued, depressed...I just tired....I went to track and did a mile for last 3 days...yesterday when I went,...It was hard to move walking around that track..but I pushed anyhow.  Today Im just to exhausted...from nothing really.  Im trying to just sit..and that is making me sore..everytime I go to get up...Im sore as ever...everywhere...but Im too tired to keep moving around.  This is so miserable.  Im so trying to hang on....makes me just wanna end it all, this is so hard to take.  but Im not suicidal...at least not yet lol....so end it all...not sure what I mean by that...lol.  oh and believe me...yes Im typing lol,..but Im not laughing by no means. i dont know how Im going to keep this up....guess Ill make myself drag into the kitchen and cook or something...I do have a family....me being sick and withdrawing does not stop life going on around me.  Like I said b4...guess you have to fake it until you make it.  
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