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Day 1 coming off oxycodone

Today is my first day of trying to quit oxycodone cold turkey.  The withdrawals were so bad that I started taking the otc cold/flu liquid to try and ease the shakiness, cold sweats chills etc. is this safe?  I am a single mother of a two year old, this extremely hard trying to do this alone when my child demands so much of my attention. I was irritable, aggravated all day and the least little thing set me off. I would never hurt my child or myself but I'm just wondering how long are these w/d going to last?  Will tomorrow bs better?  I truly want a better life and want to break this chain of addiction I just rally need help and support. Thank
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Hello and welcome! The severity and length of your detox will depend on how long you used oxy, at what dosages, and what kind of pain the medication was for.
Let us know a little more. I made it through oxycodone detox over a year ago and many others here will fill in the details of getting clean too. Read through some of the other posts.
And best to you!
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Well to answer your questions, I've been taking oxycodone 5mg at least five pills a day for over 6 months now. It all started with kidney stones. Doc was prescribing me 90 at a time until I could pass the stones.  Well the stones are gone and the addiction is here.  It is so awful!  I hate it and just want to be drug free
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If God and all of his angels will help me through this, it will be nothing but Tylenol, Advil from here on out!  I am a very very strong willed person and I've quit other things cold turkey before, never looked back. But this opiate addiction is by far the worst thing that's ever gotten hold of me!  God help me please
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Fortunately you were at a relatively low dose, have not been on them for years like myself and others here, and it does not sound like you abused them. More like dependent.  (I am an addict type) Rx 15mg X 4, took as many as 10-15 a day when out of control.
So you should be feeling much much better every day now!
Please read the posts here about the Thomas recipe. Other people have some great ideas about hot baths and other ways to pamper yourself for a few days.
You are doing the right thing absolutely! You will feel so good when free of the pills!!!
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Hi Doodle and Welcome to the MH Family

There are some things you can do to help alleviate your symptoms.  These things won't cure you of the withdrawal but they certainly will help:

Immodium (a must)
Epsom Salts (Hot baths with this will help get rid of the toxins)
Hylands Restless Leg Tablets
Lots of Water (don't get dehydrated)
Protein Shakes or something like that if your tummy won't let you eat
Cal-Mag-Zinc 3 in one vitamin (to take at night)
Super B Complex (I prefer B-12) for energy
Chocolate (to satisfy the brain pleasure center)
Melatonin or Zzzzquil to help with sleep (helps some, some it doesn't help)
Valerian to help with the anxiety

In addition do a search for The Thomas Recipe also.  You were on a relatively low dose as compared to my 15 mg oxycodone up to 10 a day.  Your detox won't be fun but I think you'll hit the hump on Day 3.  Sometimes it can be Day 5 or 7 if the usage was severe.  Once you hit the hump the symptoms will get better each day.

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as above...  thank God you have only been on them 6 months and at a low dose.  great job recognizing it early.  whew.  

you should be feeling better any day now.  keep busy so you are not thinking about it.  hot epsom salt baths before bed and a cal/mag/zinc (3 in 1)  take 4 in the morning and 4 at night.  zzquil or nyquil for sleep.  
stay away from the cough meds because that is a whole other addictive beast.  my son was horribly addicted to that stuff.  
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