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I am addicted to spasmoproxyvon capsules and my daily dose is around 25 - 30 per day. I have been using this drugs fore last 5 years. please help me to quit this addiction. I have lost my job also due to this habit.
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Thanks for clearing that up?lol.lol... I thought doing What??

Welcome,  we all support and help each other the best we can. keep posting and keep the faith. It can be done...

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You may want to tell the gringo's on the forum here that you are doing propoxyphene (or darvon) here - might eliminate some confusion. Look at the bottom right of the page for health topics - read the Thomas Recipe and the Amino Acid Protocol  - and try to follow them. Are you thinking of quiting cold turkey or do you want to taper off them? I believe you should probably taper off those. That means you need a supply of the caps secured by someone else who can give you X amount per day - it takes a lot of discipline to do it that way. Keep posting and we will get some more advice for you here - - ask any questions that you may have -
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