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We havent had one of these for awhile so i thought it was time!  Tell us a bit about yourself and what brought you here.  State your clean time no matter if it is 3 minutes or 300 yrs and any advice for those who are struggling or new to recovery.
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Hello my PEEPS!!!!  
My name is Melissa and I've been clean since January 1st, 2014.  
I did H&I last night (I've done it now for 3 1/2 years every month at our local addiction hospital) and all I can say is what I tell these ladies.  None of us ended up on this website, or in a treatment facility on accident.  If there was a successful way for me to use and NOT get in trouble, not lose all my money, not **** everyone off around me....I'D HAVE FOUND IT!!!!  Coming to terms with the fact that I am an addict was an actual relief.  It gave me a diagnosis of which there is treatment for...I didn't have to stay that way if I didn't want to.  Getting off of the drugs was the easy part (YOU NEVER COULD'VE CONVINCED ME OF THAT WHEN I WAS COMING OFF THE DRUGS!)...but it was.  But what I was left with once the drugs were gone was me...just me...and I really didn't know alot about me?  Finding and jumping head first into recovery is what I do to STAY clean. Not to push it on anyone...but it worked for me.
Today...my life is good...The IRS isn't threatening us anymore, The sheriff's office isn't attempting to serve "forclosure" papers on us, my business is thriving, my health is good, MY BRAIN FEELS SO MUCH BETTTTTTER!!!!  I know there's nothing I can say to anyone that's not wanting to at least give it a try....but remember...nothing changes if NOTHING CHANGES!
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Hi everyone! I'm Kristi. Almost 6 months clean now :-) my vice was opiates then suboxone.  It took me forever to get off those  evil things.  What keeps me going forward is hope for a healthy thriving future, strength from God and honestly, the Hellish experience of coming off suboxone (do NOT ever want to do that again!) My body is still  trying to level out hormonally/chemically but over all i'm feeling much better!
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