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Using pot to kick Norco addiction

I kicked trammies here in 2008, but got into rx. norco - was taking 4-6/day (7.5mg) but now am using pot to skip doses w/o w/d symptoms. Down to 1-2/day.

Does anyone else use this method? How do I get to the next level
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Next level meaning sobriety? Hate to tell you but there is no free lunch w/ withdrawl. After you get from 1 pill a day to zero you're still going to feel it. Check out the Thomas recipe. Mostly though it's just time and dealing with it til it's over.

What happened after you kicked trams? What did you do for aftercare? Without it, we all end up where you are: back to substituting.

Good luck and keep posting.
I kicked trammies in '08 (originally for fibromyalgia treatment) and was sober until hospitalization 4 yrs. ago when I was rx'ed Norco. Thanks for the reply.
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I tapered off methadone without withdrawals using pot.  I have over a year now off opiates!!  It can be done:)
Do you still smoke weed kelcoo?
Thanks for the reply and congrats to your success!
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I think it's great that your weening down off of the Norco's and I wish you great success.....however, using a drug to ward off the w/d of another drug usually isn't the way to go.  I am a firm believer FIRM BELIEVER that if you aren't uncomfortable in some way when w/ding....then how will you ever learn not to get there again?  Burned into my brain is the 4 weeks of pain, sweating, sneezing, RLS, diarea (spelt wrong), throwing up, no sleep, screaming at myself, shakes, stink, etc...of w/d.  It does suck, but had it been easy.........I probably wouldn't have had my guard up when the next drug came around (if you know what I'm saying).  

Read some posts..........find people on here that are completely clean (of all mood changing mind altering substances) and see what they do to get clean and stay clean.  
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No I don’t smoke weed anymore:). I am a take off the band-aid slow type person. When I suffered before I always went back to using. I am an ex heroin user for over ten years.  Went to methadone and used that and now I don’t use anything. IMO there’s no RIGHT way to do this.  I did manage to avoid withdrawals and that helped me succeed.  This was my experience............. peace
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