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What are other ways to help with Chronic Pain besides Narcotics?

Its been a 100 days since I detoxed off of the evil Fenatnyl Patches. I just wanted to know what are other ways to help with pain besides narcotics! I am suffering so bad on a daily basis! I can't go out and do anything. I take 800 motrin, zanaflex, my bladder pills...uristat, the heating pad. I had my 2nd Radio Frequency procedure almost a month ago and it hasn't seemed to help this time. It worked great in April. I suffer from Interstitial Cystis and Vulvodynia and severe IBS probelms. I know about a month ago I heard someone on here talking about how you can get a prescription from your doctor to get a jacuzzi and the goverment can help or pay for it. I have medicaid b/c in 99' I almost had cervical cancer and blue cross/blue shield dropped me and denied me. So I had to fight to get medicaid. Anyway, I hope some of ya'll can give me information! I would extremely appreciate it!
Thanks so much in advance!
I don't know what I would do without ya'll! I love my medhelp friends!
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Have you checked out the pain management forum??  They may have some ideas.  sara
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Well I post similar to my post on here a month ago, but didn't get to read everything! Thats why I am asking here. And someone on here, said the thing about getting a presciption from their doctor for a jacuzzi and the state helping pay for it or something. A lot of people commented but I missed out on reading all the replys.
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Hopefully they will answer again then for you.  I havent heard anything about a jacuzzi so cant help you out there.  Sounds good tho.........i could use one right about now!!!!!
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i sure wish i had a good answer to your Q! I too suffer from chronic pain (mainly my back- have bad discs, DDD, spinal arthritis etc) and lately its been hurting worse again. I get so scared of having a major back attack. FOr months now, I was starting to feel more confident that I might EEEK by without any more severe back attacks since its been awhile since I had one. But lately, the pain is getting unbearable and Motrin 800 doesnt touch it. Not that it stops me from trying, I use it 3x a day because although it doesnt help my bad back pain, it does help my less severe pains in my body i have daily. I use a h eating pad as much as possible. THroughout the day, I stop my routine of cleaning, laundry etc and take a heating pad break for my back, and at night sleep with it on.  Im starting to display fear symptoms now- pain avoidance or whatever its called- I avoid doing things I normally would/should out of fear it will cause my back to hurt worse/go out completely. I hate this! TOday Im actually fearing taking my kids out trick or treating tonight because long walks make my back hurt worse. Im not even sure we can go now though anyways because late last night my 5 yr old started showing cold symptoms and was crying and miserable. He hasnt woke up yet so I dont know if he's better or worse, if he will go to school today or not, and if he'll be able to trick or treat tonight either. But my 3 yr old will still want to go regardeless.....ugh this *****!

sorry to get sidetracked on you and turn your post into my own vent!  to answer your original Q..... as far as finding something non narctoic that helps the bad pain.......nope havent discovered it yet =(    Good luck to you, I hope you find some relief soon with something.
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Maybe something like ultram, its not technically a narcotic but it will probably work better than just the motrin..not sure if this is an option for you
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Ultram isnt a good choice for extended therapy at all.......I have been trying a mixed bag of approaches. Muscle relaxer (flexeril) and sometimes the 800mg motrin. Physical therapy - - I adjusted to doing low impact things on a yoga ball while in the shower under a hot stream. Also use lidoderm (lidocaine) patches on trigger points............some oriental stuff....cho gong and tai chi. Short run of the Bowen Therapy......it takes a broad spectrum approach...............
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I will never take ultram,ultracet,tramadol! They are all the same thing and are very addicting and a lot of people on here have a hell of a time detoxing off them. Plus ultram never worked for my pain. I have flexaril, and zanaflex. I have the lidocaine patches and the gel...doesn't help. Where my pain is, is not easy to get rid of and itswhere the most nerves are in your body.
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First of all the meds spoken of are all chemicals and one chemical affects the body in ways you know not of and one chemical affects the other and octors now nothing but the chemicals and don't even know what it is they are prescribing  or how it will react with your body or what you are taking.
Second or rather the very first is where are yo spiritually in relation to Jesus Christ?  U don't know how any people survive nowadays without Him and He is the Healer and He has healed me of innumeable things. Online is a site called Earth Clinic which promotes natural healing and has been very very informative for me and others but even so if you are taking meds you need to know how a supplement will affect that med so you are in for research to begin with.  But there is much hope. We just are creatures of habit and won't even take what we know will help. I have let myself go for years and now have pain in my hips, knees groin and muscles. After much prayer  and crying out to God for aid I am gingerly walkig in water for l5 minutes 3 times a week and last night I went in the jacuzzi and it helped a lot. I feel so encouraged. May I encourage you also. God bless.
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