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? about suger/starch type foods while going through WDs

Some of you have told me you crave them too. I am eating like a horse at night-chips, popcorn, grape fruit juice and can already tell I am gaining weight-fast. The urge for the drink is early pm. The eating urges are about  2 hours after taking the dose.

I am now down to 1 1/2 pills of hydro a night but the lack of motivation during the day is actually worse than before I was tapering. It is now getting much easier to wake up in the morning-which is good, but still took me about 4 hours to shower, get dressed and walk out the back door. I am not getting anything done !

I am wondering if junk food helps or hurts/makes no difference get over the wd's?

I am seriously considering speeding up my taper in hopes I will feel better sooner than later. I want to hurry up and get down to 1 pill or less a night. But in the mean time, I need to keep functioning and wondering what kinds of food will help?  
In the morning I am Taking 1 5htp, 1 L-tyrosine, 1 vit c, 1 b-complex, 1-3 high powered ginsing pills.
Cutting back on the ginsing as starting to think it may be causing some of my anxiety, but not sure.
Anything else I should be taking/eating?

good luck to all!
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No help specifically...but I have noticed if I am hungry I feel the need for a pill.  There seems to be a connection (at least for me) between the two. If I get hungry..I eat..not a lot just enough to stop the craving.  Seems to work for me.  Good luck on the taper...wish I had had the strength to do it.
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it doesn't help...In fact, it is the opposite... sugar and these carbs full of fat and all the junk food trouble your insulin levels, it is another vicious cycle like addiction.. Also junk food makes you crave for alcohol and viceversa...

the more sugar and carbs, the more your body asks for them... the healthier you eat, the best you will feel, Hawke... if you want sugar or some sweet, go for dark chocolate or fruits... I know well that we feel better eating but if it is junk food , this feeling good is short lived and our bodies ask for more junk food... so eat  5/6 times a day and small portions of healthy eating like  vegs, proteins, fruit

read these links to give you some tips on what to eat
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Hi! I believe that the cravings are caused by body and brain distress. In a really unscientific explanation, you aren't giving your body and brain its favorite stuff any more, so it thinks of the next best thing, which is food and drink. The brain only runs off pure glucose--and if I remember right, it's the only organ in the body that does. So probably, your carb and sugar cravings are a function of your poor body to comfort itself.
My suggestion is that you try to eat healthy, except for one treat a day, to be eaten and enjoyed without guilt or worry. Pick the time of the day when you are most likely to get the most pleasure and comfort out of your treat---with many people, it's late evening or bedtime. This way you can have what you like but not gain weight. Many addicts have a ravenous appetite when they are in the early clean phase--not just due to craving, but because the body is awakening from its deep drug dependence sleep and food just tastes so wonderful. I wish you all the best!
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        Sugar is a energizer, it will speed you up for a little while, it can help the jonesing from drugs, but dont eat to much.
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Yes there is certainly a connection for me - I should have noticed a long time ago when I was just started out on the pills- I thought it was just stress I was going through at the time. I have started to drink more water so hopefully that will help with the weight.

Oh and the reason I can taper is because I got to the point where I was not longer getting the "rush anymore and I was not willing to keep upping the amounts.  If you are close to this point, you should be able to taper just go very very easy at first. On other board they have some elaborate tapering systems-mine is not, but I did come away with the idea that I am probably - at this point- going too slowly. They say cut every 3-4 days so I think I am going to try that and see what happens.

Oh and once you are free, just remind yourself of how bad you felt for so long when you get the urge to use them again!

I know once I am free I am going to have to find new ways to stay occupied, just not sure what that is just yet...

Good luck!!!
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Thank you for the links. My coworkers have said I eat bad so I know it's not helping. Problem is that I am single and have limited time/abilities to cook for myself , so I basically eat out of the store.

With that said I know all this juice is bad for me-it's almost as strong of a pull as the hydro and it even gives you a lift as well. But now i will make a effort to cut back on that as well. Will have some before bedtime but otherwise drank water today, even for supper.  Thanks again...
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