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have been taking oxycodone for over 5 years and want off

I have been on the medication oxycodone for about 5 years 10 mg and I am currently on day 6 without taking any of the oxycodone but my question is if I'm taking 3 or 4 mg of Suboxone everyday on my 14th day, can I stop the suboxone all together and will I feel okay? Is 2 weeks of low doses 2-3 times a day of subs, long enough to get rid of withdrawal?
Should I continue for one more week with subs?
I don't want to be dependent on subs though.
I want to take ZERO pain meds. After recently finding out what withdrawal was I went through that for a couple days and thought I had the flu but after some research found out I was going through withdrawal from not taking my pain medication because I was not having any pain for a couple of days and that was the last pill I took of the oxycodone I never want to feel that feeling again.
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Did you get the subs from a doctor?  When did you start taking them?
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You were taking 10 mg of oxy a day?  Not sure why you started taking sub.  I am a bit confused here so please bear with me!
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How many mg of oxy were yo taking per day??
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If your doc is aware you want off the opiates, and gave you the subs for the oxy w/d, then they should've made you fully aware of the pros and cons of the subs. I was told that if I was to start on Suboxone, I would have to be gradually taken off of that also, which is why I decided against started on it. I think if you taper down from it, that would be the best, and minimize w/d symptoms. Your doctor can help ease some of those symptoms also. Good luck, you can do it!!
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