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problem with withdrawals from a double addiction, to heroine and methadone, advice

mmunities>Addiction: Alcohol/Drug Rehab>Search: "I have a question,I am really afraid,we were sober over 6-7 years from heroine, we relsped by hanging around with an active user trying to help by giving rides etc,then we said hey we want some,now we are back on a methadone clinic we were doing fine for a year then our old dealer called(we have been coming down in mg from methadone (husband and I) and now we have a double habit,heroine and methadone,does anyone know, what to do for this,? I take the methadone in am but within 2 hours I am hot/cold etc! and have to find $ to get the heroine its a vicious cycle and we desperately want to be sober again,we have got of everything else this is hardest,we stopped cocaine,benzos etc etc! any advice suggestions?"
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I'm really sorry to hear this.....caught in the cycle of daily is using, to me, has to be one of the hardest things to fight.  At the point you two are at, the only thing I can think is that you both need to go into a detox center, immediately.  Get clean and then get back into recovery.  You were clean for over 6/7 years from heroin however, were ya'll using other substances?  I only ask that b/c sometimes people are clean from their DOC, but then use other substances, i.e., alcohol, etc...and I find THAT NEVER WORKS!!!!  With both of you like this, I'm not sure that either of you could detox at home is the problem.  
What are you willing to do?
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Hello Chilla 1969 Welcome to the forum.. That is a good question what are you wiling to do ? As I see it Heroin is the fastest to get off of 7 days and the worst is over for the physical part. I would stop that and go thru the wd and wait for the methadone to work again Then pick back up the taper.. Is it your choice to taper our are you being forced and what mg are you on ? You really need to drop those you associate with.. NA meeting would help you both to keep focused.. There are things you can do for comfort going thru the wd I just listed a few a post our 2 above.. A positive mind set That you are going to beat this That You can do this will get you far.. Throw away all your gear.. You may feel bad for a couple of weeks but it will be worth it to get on track.. If not there is Rehab, Rehab would be he very best place for you both with a 3 month stay and a halfway house to learn to cope in society without the Heroin but Na is good you just have to get involved.. I wish you both well and remember You have it in you it is just making the decision to feel like crap that is hard.. lesa
I agree with the above. Lesa helped me kick a 14 year heroin addiction I did it cold turkey.yes I have realapsed many times.But like you guys life is better clean.You two can do it you did it before.Beleive in yourselfs.I send hope prayers and strength I wish you both the best of luck on getting clean.Rember you did it before you can do it again.lisen to the above answers they are oh so true
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