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1 Year Anniversary

Just wanted to share 1 Year to the day off hydro (CT), alot of hydros at that! Can't say it was easy, but surly worth it! Life is life,.... ups and downs just as the struggle of getting off of this nasty cycle. Address your problems, look for patterns, and try to understand where it is coming from, so you may not repeat the cycle! I saw exactly where I went wrong and identified and said, "I won't go there" can't afford that BS. in me life in all aspects, It Just Controls your life. the only one who controls your life should be you!  Also wanted to thank this board and all who helped and motivated me thru this process, even though it got crazy at some points on this board, still funny. There are really good people around here, don't get cought up w/ the BS. Take what you can use and leave what you don't need.

Hope all is moving in a direction that you are content with, because it all comes down to what you want!  

Good luck to all, and miss U old timers, It was fun Indeedee!!

Keep on, Keep oning.

Live, Laugh, LOVE

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Congrats on 1 year...WOOHOO!!!!
It's great to see success stories on here.
Keep on working it!!!
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that is the way to stay army strong great job you are an insperation to us all

keep on going don't lok back

loves hugs
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CONGRATS!!!!  great to see you again.....You should be so proud...
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I love hearing these success stories. Thanks for sharing it. When did you feel really normal?
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You feel normal, I say anytime after 3-6 days, DEPENDING on your state of mind and what you feed it, Chit in Chit out, Right? Day 3 forced myself to go out to dinner with my wife made it 75% before I just had to leave. But I set a presidence to myself and tried to keep a positve attitude, even though I didn't believe, but it worked. Never loose your sence of humor, NEVER, nor you will never in any condition. Laugh is very healthy.


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Congrats on 1 year!!!!!  
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hubby long time noooooo see ....congrats on your year   ...you are doing great
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Boy have you been missed!  Great going.....the positive attitude really does have so much to do with recovery....Fake it til you make it!

Thanks for checking in.....miss your crazy sense of humor!
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hey choo choo...

i cannot believe that it has already been a year...geeeeeeeeeeeez, where does the time go?

i'm very proud of you sweetie...and thanks for sharing this with us.

i miss ya...and your crazy posts :)

been trying to get in tough with roof...have you talked to him lately?

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ONE YEAR!!! That is awesome. I had a year clean of the Hydro's CT March 3rd. You sound so much like me and the way I feel...It's all about what you want!!!
I think being rid of the pills is the best buzz ever. Now we are in control of our life not the hydro. It's nice to feel emotions and deal with life in a normal way. I had a hard 6 months glad it wasn't that tough for you. I feel it made me stronger though:-)

Chi-Chi  (use to be H3girl got new e-mail) you may remember me. I remember you...

Have a great day keep in touch
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