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1 week FREE from the Hydro!

I've made it 1 week w/o any hydrocodone!  I've gotten a full nights sleep 2 nights in a row! My racing heart (which was freaking me out the most) is gone!  You  have no idea how that makes me feel...........it's almost the same kind of feeling when I was on the hydro.  It feels so good  to not have that racing heart.  Was even tested on Tuesday and had a lot of dental work done and didn't need or want to take any.  NO cravings so far either.  The SAM-e, vitamin B complex and the kava kava got me thru the worst of the withdrawal and the SAM-e has continued to help w/ my osteoarthritis and migraines.  It's my new miracle herbal supplement...............my mindset is completely different then before........still have a little ways to go before my mind is completely healed and my energy has fully returned but that will come w/ time I know.........
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Wonderful news!! Keep on keeping on!
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That's awesome!!!  Keep it up!
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You're doing great. Now the big question (and I'm sorry if I missed this info in your earlier posts) - have you cut your sources? As time passes you will start feeling more comfortable, and your head will begin whispering to you ,"Just one won't hurt. I've earned it." So, if you have any access at all to pills you will eventually relapse.
Also, you need to tell your secret; let your doc, dentist, etc., know that you're an addict, or at least an abuser. And finally, you need to get to aftercare - NA meetings.  Leave any of these steps out and you'll use again. I speak from over 15 years of failure.  
Good luck.
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Congratulations on 1 week that is huge!!!! Keep on going there is a light at the end of the tunnel God Bless:))
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Well my husband has the hydro.  I was prescribed them for a chronic condition degenerative disk disease in my neck (osteoarthritis) that cause horrible, debilitating migraines.  So bad I landed in the ER more then a few times.  I haven't had an attack like that in years however and that's why my husband has them.  If I'm ever at the point where I'm ER bound, he'll give me one w/ a regular Tylenol and that usually does the trick.  He won't give them to me other then that situation.  I'm not worried, cause like I said, haven't had a bad attack in years.

I'm doing different pain management w/ a lot of herbal supplements that are helping A LOT and my mind set is different.  I'm not craving the hydro at all.  The thing that scared the **** out of me was the racing heart and panic attacks I started having last year.  I think it was from the hydro.  I NEVER, EVER, EVER want to have that feeling again.  My mind is afraid of taking them again to tell the truth.  Since I got over the initial withdrawal, my heart hasn't raced ONCE! My pulse has been slow and steady.  

For the first time in forever, I got up this morning w/ energy! I actually cleaned the house!  I wasn't sitting here like a lump. lol  I "thought" maybe I would backslide because I had a lot of dental work done a few days ago and my mouth was really hurting, but NO, I didn't want or NEED the hydro at all.  Just motrin 800 and a lot of warm salt water rinses. lol  

I thought about them today, not taking any, just thinking about them and my mind immediately went to, "you are NOT taking that ****, remember the racing heart, you thought you were having a heart attack"..........My mind is in the right place.  I'm pretty strong so I'm not fearing a relapse.............

I feel good right now.  I'm hoping to be back to my ol self by Christmas and will start a new workout routine on Jan. 1st.  That's my goal..........
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Your doing great... Keep knocking those days back!
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Keep up the positive out look..BUT I have to agree 100% with Kyle505. I am older and have been down this road over and over for almost 40 years..You can be sick of being sick but the power of that Pleasure part of the Brain can trick you so bad into wanting just "one" then before you know it nothing else matters. Off we go..Just be SAFE that is all we are saying. You still will experience some emotional waves that can come and go, but be tuned into your self and just know it is all part of the process. The Physical part is over in no time it is the Mental (Brain) that takes time to balance back after the removal of these Stims. Keep doing what ever works for you..You will be fine.
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Good job!
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Good job! I've got 13 days clean and while I feel pretty good, still having a lot of fatigue.
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great job on 1 week!  keep pushing forward!!  
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I not worried.  You have NO idea how freaked out I was from the racing heart I had.  I really thought I was having a heart attack.  I was so scared and I NEVER want to feel that again.  Taking a hydro will make me feel like that, sure at first it would be like old times............feeling good, being super mom but when I don't take another one,  here comes that racing heart again.  That's enough of a deterrent for me.  I'm so scared to take anything like that again, I'm afraid I'll keel over.  Nope..........I'm not worried...........Looking forward to the 1st of the year and a new workout routine and getting my head back to where it should be.  I'm on a different road now and I'm not veering off...............
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I used to lie in bed and my heart would be going crazy, I'd gone through this a number of times before and knew it would settle with time and patience. It does freak you out though. I remember my first detox, a LONG time ago, I was so worried I would have a heart attack, it scared me for real! I'm glad it settled down for you, now to start making plans for a successful future without pills. Start building the walls to protect what you've earned. Way to go my friend, onwards and upwards, ;)
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I'm so happy for you.  Stay encouraged cause it has certainly helped me and I know that I can now do it too!  Thank you for your story!
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Keep up the good work! I'm at 78 hours .3 days....I'm ready for my week clean!
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