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1 week and working.....

So it's been a week now since I got pills. I will admit I had a few drinks this past week but they all made me so sick I dumped everything and threw the bottles away. I have been on all my vitamin supplements, talked to my pastor, and have also worked 6 of the last 7 days as I had no one to take my place. All in all I guess I am pretty proud of myself for being able to do this much. Don't know how I am doing it but I am. My husband is helping out despite the fact he hasn't had any pills in a week either. We are both worn out by the end of the night but I guess the important thing is that we are making it. Thanks for all the support from my original post. Just gotta keep on keeping on.
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Congrats on your week!!!!  That is a huge accomplishment!!!  So glad that you threw out the bottles!  Alcohol can just make everything worse and never helps on the long run!You should be very proud of yourself!  You are doing an awesome job!!!  Its good you have your Pastor to talk with!  Are you going to any AA/NA meetings or any kind of therapy?  They really help too!  It is important now that you are through detox that you work on building up your aftercare!  It really will help you to stay clean!!!  Keep hanging in there and keep posting!!!
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Good luck and God bless. I am on a day 1 trying ro come off suboxone, trying to bring myself off them instead of the doctor doing it..
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