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1 yr.

I have been of off Hydrocodone for 1 yr now. I detoxed in jail, but I stilll have craving for them and I still have chronic pain- lower back and hips............. Dont ever give up, it is one day at a time but I  would rather walk thru helll them to have those fukin withdrawals, its scares me just thinkin it about it
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thats awesome.  glad you are still going strong.
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If you were here, I'd give you a back rub!  

I joined a local massage club.  Rather cool thing, and money well spent.  Costs $49 a month and you get 1 hr per month for that price, and each additional session per month is only $39.  Great prices for massages, at least in my neck of the woods.

Great job RBC3!  You are my official inspiration for the night -- I want to be where you -- I've only got 362 to go!  Keep on keeping on.

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