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10 years later

Hello everyone.  Hope everyone is well.  Today is 10 years and 1 day of clean time from opiates.  Spent my celebration with 3 best friends in Lake Erie.  I had the best time ever...sober and remembering every moment of fun.  It was also a day to refect how truly sick I was years back and how strong I have become and will remain for the rest of my living days.  To remain clean you may lose some friends and you must get rid of any obstacles blocking your way...meaning triggers.  You must really be serious and want sobriety forever.  No more chases, no more worries....it s a wonderful life.  Thanks to all who helped me to the bright side through the darkest time of my life....I m forever grateful.  Congrats to everone on their clean time no matter how long....keep rolling those days that turn into years very quickly.  Love and blessings to everyone  ♥️  Maria  day 3656
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I knew this was coming so am THRiLLED to see you post!!!  I remember your early days as i was only a few months clean.  We didnt get by with any bs back in the day as the ones here would call you out on it.  I remember being so excited about being a couple weeks clean and the "veterans" let me know i was riding that pink cloud!!  You and i hung in here, listened to those who had gone before us and then applied it to our lives.  Who would of ever thought 10 yrs later we would still be here!  Life is good, even during the dark periods we have experienced.

We actually formed a friendship due to our beagles!!!  Mine is 9 now, still bays at everything but such a wonderful companion.

I think of you often Maria and am so happy that you have been a part of my recovery.  Congrats on those 10 yrs.  You wear recovery so well.  Hugs to you my friend~     sara
sara....thank you so much.  I m very glad we got thrown together in 2008...seems like yrsterday sometimes.   I remember the first weeks were called the honeymoon phrase   We kept that honeymoon period alive and never ending.   We are very blessed in our faith and determination.   My oldest beagle is 14....she s still barks at deer and squirrels.   She helped me through the physical withdrawals and knows her momma is very well now.   Congratulations on your 10 year mark.  I wish you the best....you re a wonderful friend.   Hugs and much love.  maria
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