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100 days clean today!!

Wow never thought this day would come, and I owe it to all of you............cause if not for your encouragement and support I never would have given up my refills as that was the hardest thing I ever did.

But that being said, it feels so good to not have to worry about upcoming WD's or if I am going to run out of pills.........my life is so much better.

I joined with a Church and have after care and life is good. I still take it one day at a time cause I know I have to guard my clean time..........but I am so much happier and life is good.

Thanks to all of you.............and sorry I don't post a lot, but I just don't have much online time.

Praying for all of you...............and YOU CAN DO THIS!!!
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Congrats on the 100 days clean. Your in the triple digits! Good for you. Sounds like your really working your aftercare and doing what you need to guard your clean time. Props to you for giving up your refills. I know that had to be hard but it also shows every1 how badly you wanted to get your life back. You have climbed mountains to get here. You go! Continue doing what your doing. Its working for you....Congrats again to you....Angie ♥
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Thanks Angie it was hard to give up the refill I was so scared thought I would die, but I  knew in my heart of hearts that was the only way I could give up taking the pills............as an addict if I kept the refill I was going to continue to take.

I wanted it so bad, and many a day and night I cried my heart out wanting to be free of those dang pills, but not having enough gumption or whatever to get over them.

I give credit to this forum for everyone's support cause truly that's what helped me to do this......also I changed doctor's by the way.............that way the ole doc would not be able to give me refills if I got weak and asked. My new doc is very strict about NOT giving out pain pills......thats a doc for me.
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I absolutely agree - it is the hardest thing in the world to give up those refills.  And yet, at the same time, it is the MOST empowering thing we can do.  You took control - and now look at you!!!!  How fantastic - I couldn't be happier for you.  I say this all the time, but I SO love these kinds of posts.  Very inspiring and encouraging to everyone.

Job well done!!!!  :) p.s. and great job too on changing Dr.'s, something it's as simple as that.  Who knew right?  But now you do and that is fantastic!
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And just a quick "by the way" - it's great that you give the credit to this wonderful place and the amazing members - but YOU did it - no one else but YOU.  :) take the credit girl cause you deserve it!
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WOOHOO, another one moving on, CONGRATULATIONS :-)

ImDONENoMore is exactly right, YOU did it.

Ok, so, what are you going to do to celebrate since you earned it? A night at the movies, a spa treatment, a manicure/pedicure?
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Thats so nice to here 100 days. I am at 26 days and am looking forward to that triple digit. Yeah like others said you did it. That is the hardest part. People here supported you. I know you are feeling very proud. I also went and deleted my refills with the encouragement of people here and counslor and the fact that I really didnt want to start all over. Next is going to tell the dr not to write any more scripts. That will be tough. But back to you I am so happy to hear these stories they give you hope that we can all do it.  Congrats.................
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Congrats on the 100 days!!!  That is awesome.  Anyone else notice she mentioned aftercare?  wink wink nudge nudge  hint hint  Attagirl!!!!
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Thanks for your encouraging words and I am proud of myself................truly this has been the toughest thing I ever did, but like you said it is so empowering.

I sleep good now at night, I don't have nightmares like I use to and I use to wake up drenched in the most awful stinky sweat when I was in WD's and mercy me it feels so good NOT to do that anymore.

Life is so good..........and one's on here that think they can't do it..........YES YOU CAN!!

You just have to get sick and tired of being in a fog.

Prayers going up for everyone.
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Let me tell you even after I stopped the refills and told the doctor NO more..........I got weak and asked him for a refill and he gave me one!!

I am not blaming him, as I had to own up to my part but still he is a doctor...........so I just changed docs and I have a good one now and he won't give me scripts.

Keep yourself busy..........I love to read, work puzzles, and just keep my mind busy and as each day passes it gets easier. Truly it does.
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Congrats on 100 days!!! That is wonderful news. Keep it going, sounds like you have a program that is working for you. Congrats!!! Andrew
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Thanks for the info. Yeah the thing is I really only got them cause good at talking to the drs and bs'n them. So if I tell him the truth I am sure he wont write me but you never know. Yeah I really dont need a dr cause my injury is so minor I can use over the counter med. I see what your saying though. I think after telling this dr the truth only way to get them is to see another dr. Thats good you changed drs. My new dr I see right now is a counslor and I need to keep it that way. Cause I may need the pain meds in the way future when the back problem gets worse. But that wouldnt be for along time. Cross my fingers.  Just in case it gets worse. Yeah my new thing now is the gym, family, Cooking, Counsling, reading, videogames, I really enjoyed feeding the ducks at the park its really neat. We addicts have to find many things to occupy are time. Now that we dont have that drug in are head to occupy us. these are some things that do that for me.
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Congrats on 100 days!!!  That is impressive!!  You sound really good.  Keep doing what you are doing, it looks real good on you~~~

You deserve a Happy Dance girl, Minnesota style~~~sara
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Hey Cissy...im so happy to here this you have tryed so hard so many time to give it up and now you have done it im glad you posted when we dont see anyone for a wile we always wounder are the well or are they stuck in that black whole of active addiction
cudos to you for hooking up with aftercare....and plugging in to a church is a good move
I couldn't do it without God helping ...I wish you all the best in your recovery good luck and God bless......Gnarly
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Hey guys I feel great truly I do. I am so glad I hung in there and finally got brave enough to get rid of the pills as I was going down hill fast.

I could never have done this gnarly_1 without God.
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