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100 days clean!!!!!

Hey all- haven't been on much but today is 100 days clean off my humongous norco habit I battled for 4-5 years. Life is great.. Head finally clear, body healthy (lost about 15 lbs working out an eating good), all is good. Long time coming but I did it...

For anyone trying- it can be done, I was biggest addict and relapser, hundreds of times literally I tried. Finally tried everything and just got sick of the crazy life on pills. Get help, aftercare, counseling, sub if you need it (I did), and exercise every day!!! Makes huge difference and rebuilds endorphins.

Hope all of my friends here are well and to new people- don't give up hope no matter how bad it seems.. I've been there trust me.. At the lowest of lows and now I'm back on top

All the best - Udo
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Congrats!  Great job on 100 days. Question, you said you relapsed alot. Was that by 1 pill or several and was it after cold turkey withdraws?
Good job. You should be so proud!!!!!
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Oh 1 pill never did anything except start the process of more. I cold turkey detoxed literally 100 times, suffering, thinking I was ok- then 5-8 days later taking "a few" thinking I could handle it then the whole process started again. Getting off is easy, I could detox with minimal problems off 30 10mg norcos- it's the mental part that is hardest.  Kept going back to them.  You can't do ANY ever again and it took me 4 years to get that
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: )  I'm proud of you!  Congrats!!!!!
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Great job on 100 days, you should truly be proud! I agree with you as well about taking that first one that starts the whole process again.  Its taken me about 10 detoxes to realize the same thing.  The wd's were always brutal for me but come that 5th day the demons always came a calling telling me one wont kill you, totally forgetting the torture I just went through for 3-4 days. Its funny how your mind tries to trick you into thinking you have control when you really dont.  I'm on day 6 now and not planning to do this again and your post provides me the motivation I need.  Anyway....Once again GOOD JOB! on the century mark, cant wait untill I get there.  Good luck and god bless.
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To Udochoices
So you were never able to take them as prescribed. ? Normally 1 norco 10/325 every 6 hrs as needed for legit pain? I've been clean for 18 days but pain is kicking in. Several medical issues. Motrin hardly works. So never ever even take 1 even if under control ? Or have someone give to u ( hold the), as needed for excruiating pain? Just curious. Once again congrats!
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One more question . Do you both work? How many times during detox did u miss work.  Proud of your accomplishment. Does N/A work???? I'm at 18 days clean from norco.mentally *****. Caved on day 15, took 1 pill which was just gross after a horrible detox. I was disappointed in myself !
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Congratulations on that One Hundred days ! That's a big achievement ! Well done ! Jimmy
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hey dude ....it always makes me happy when I see these posts you have fought hard and long from what you have said but your first 100 days clean means your winning  the battle that and it dose get ezer with time.....keep working your aftercare it is critical to doing this right good luck and God bless.......Gnarly
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WOW I am so happy for you and proud and you deserve to shout 100 clean days to the world .... WELL DONE, Udos :) :) you are a fighter and you have never given up, this is the way... hey, and as Sarah says GUARD UP :)
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Good for you: triple digits!!!

Check in more often!!!   I'm happy you're doing so well!!!!

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that is so awesome. i am so happy for you and so proud of you. you and the LORD make a majority. keep fighting the good fight.HE is on your side. keep rebuking satan.
stay strong in the LORD and the power of HIS mighty.
thanks for letting us know that you are winning the addiction battle. you are more than a conqueror through CHRIST JESUS.
hugs and continued blessings
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I'm really proud of you buddy! You set goals and you stuck to them...good for you!!! Keep it going. I love a good success story!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats!! That's a big deal!! I have a ways to go, but I am following you, I am on day 14 today! CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve it!!
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Way to go on those 100 days!!  Hold that clean time sacred!!          sara
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Amazing inspiration. This is a giant celebratory event! I'm so jealous! :-D
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Thanks everyone...  A long time coming and I feel great. Exercising and eating well and losing weight an looking better than ever also helps a lot. I have no desire to take a pill or any thoughts of fun on them, as they just quit working for me so "a few" wouldn't do anything anyway.  Such a great feeling.

I think you just have to get to where you are truly sick of being sick- the thrill has to be gone, and you have to want to be clean so bad you do whatever it takes. Thinking you can stop then just use "for fun" never happens. Trust me I spent 5 years figuring that out.

Thanks again everyone.. And congrats to all of you too!
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