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10mg Oxycodone 10 years

I am 25 years old. I was prescribed 10mg of Oxycodone every 4hrs at age 15 and stopped cold turkey 6-23-2016 I am just a little over a week in. The bad stuff is obviously over. My health is improving and there is no longer a need in my life for those things. My body is 100% healthy. Just had some back issues. So my question is will the PAWS be a bad for me as it is for many people I see on here. I can't find much info on here regarding my low dose. I never once abused the drug. I feared it mostly and never took one early. I knew I was addicted but never took it for depression or anxiety in hard times. To be honest I think most of my anxiety comes from fear of what's around the corner. Nothing at this point could push me to relapse because it simply isn't within my power nor do I want to. It's not in my power because doing it illigally is not an option I would take.
If you couldn't tell from what I've wrote so far I'm scared. Scared of what's to come. I have my energy back. I do get tired at night but still have RLS lightly. I take clonidine for it to put me to sleep. I feel great except for light anxiety and fear of PAWS. I appreciate your response.
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Hi...well try not to let fear into the equation most people dont get paws...true paws does not hit for around 6 month your still in the acquit staged of recovery...your one of the lucky ones to come around so quickly that has a lot too do with how young you are....your also experiencing what we call the ''pink cloud effect'' where everything is great as for addiction I think your one of the ones that is dependent rather then a addict...you never took them to feel good you took them as prescribed for pain  keep posting for support
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