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11 weeks clean

Apologies for not checking in, but had loads going on.
Anyway, wanted to say after 11 weeks clean, I'm starting to feel like my old self. Lethargy and tiredness are nearly gone. Anxiety has definitely gone.
The only things Im finding hard, is getting the aches anx pains you get after a days work, having anaesthetised them for 20 odd years. The other thing is dealing with stuff, straight, that id have taken a little more meth for, just to give me a lift. I am dealing with it though.
I really just wanted to say to anyone starting a taper or going through withdrawal, its so worth it. Not being tied to anything is just awesome. Yeah, its hard, but you can do it. At times, after 23 years of heroin and methadone, I thought I was a lifer, but Ive done it.
Lastly want to thank all the guys here that helped me out. I really appreciate it
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Congrats on 11 weeks, I'm a couple days away from 11 weeks sober off opiates myself so I know that reward feeling your having!! I don't know about you but I look for a reward at the end of a hard week. Alcohol seems to always be in the back of my head, I've never been addicted to booze so it reminds me my addict mind is trying to swap addictions. Still don't know why I look for that edge to get high.. Hopefully NA helps me figure it out, but guess it takes longer than 11 weeks. Anyways are you in NA? Again congrats on your accomplishment!!
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Congrats to you too.
No im not in na, did it myself. I did try it a few years ago, but found it didn't fit with me for whatever reason. Never had an issue with alcohol, in fact been teetotal for 25 years. The only (big) problem has been opiates.
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Posted before id finished.
As far as reward, I haven't found that really. I think the absolute bottom line is I was ready to get off and was sick to death of being tethered to something. Saying that, if you need a reward, how about something less destructive. Dont know what, but something youre into, clothes, music????
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Hey congrats on 11 weeks clean....you kicked quite a habbit my hat is off to you....keep doing what your doing it is working for you...we do recamend some form of aftercare  if N/A ant your thing you may try some of the other avenues............Gnarly
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