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12 days and it will be a year clean for me

My tracker shows 12 days from a year (Aug 4th) but 18 days till the 4th of Aug.
Hard to believe if been clean from pain pills even this long, I'm well over the withdrawals and I believe I went through a short spell of the PAWS. For those who are just starting, I like to tell you that it will get so much better, the withdrawal symptoms doesn't last a life time like you feel it will. Just hang in there and it will pass. I pray I'll keep clean and I will as long as I keep with my 12 steps
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Nice to see you checking in!!

Congrats on your yr clean time!!  Keep going with your recovery, you are so worth it~
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Thank you, wasn't easy to start but I feel like I did before I took the first one
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Congrats on your time! Love your reference to aftercare in your post!:)
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Congrats Im 8 days clean from over 200mg oxy a day was on them 4 yrs I do believe I have paws now still not as bad as what I felt on day 2 3 4
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Congratulations!!!  That's awesome!  Keep up the good work.  I've been clean off drugs for 4.5 but on methadone at my local clinic.  I got off the clinic on 6/25 (my last dose) with a successful taper so I've been clean off methadone for 3 weeks and 2 days.
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Thank you all.
It's great to hear how you all have stopped, it helps others. It let's everyone know they're not alone
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Right on PlowBoy!!!

I am so happy to hear this. We get so many ppl on here that just go away. Often, I wonder if they are still working Recovery. This was a Nice Update. Stick around and pitch in. Proud of YOU!!

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Hi there!! Just wanted to say congrats! I remember you in the beginning of your journey, you've come a long way my friend! So happy for ya!!!
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Hey dude good to see you Great to see you clean!!!!  congrats on almost a yr and working a 12 step progam  like you as long as I keep working N/A I will stay clean
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I am glad I was able to find the site again, not to often I get to get online :-(
Library is closed by the time I get off work. It takes time, dedication and keeping busy for me to focus on life but I'll stick with this path. It's so much better
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congrats plowboy!  be vigilant about your recovery ... i got lazy and jaded after a year and i relapsed.  hang onto your time and keep going ... its worth it.  great work!
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Wow can't believe almost a year has gone by. I hit my year in September. I remember I was right behind you. Back then it seemed a month was an eternity but a month now goes by in a blink of an eye! Probably because we don't count days and pills and stress over that "fill" date anymore. Congratulations!
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The months do fly by, can't remember the last time I thought to myself "I'm on ## day" it's a refreshing feeling
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I am on day 6 of no pills. Been using for 10 years..this is my second time around the block UGHH!!! So happy for you! I mean that. Its encouraging to hear you are doing so well when I feel like crap. I know it will get better for me too. God bless
6 days is a long time, hang in there. One day, one hour,  one minute at a time. It is so worth it, I can't even explain how much better I feel. I started taking karate with my daughter and I'm able to go without feeling terrible.  I know it's rough but stay with it

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