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12-step Alternative Treatments

What do you know about alternatives to 12-step addiction treatment? What are your opinions on these programs?
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Hi david.There are a couple of books by Jack Trimpey.One is called rational recovery.His approach is mainly in dealing with the addictive voice inside of our heads.I relapsed repeatedly in aa.It worked great for alot of people but not for me.I relapsed repeatedly and was abandoned by 2 sponsors.I felt so bad about myself and being called "terminally unique" and one of the "such unfortunates".I read those  RR books and was able to stay clean for 2.5 years.I must have forgotten those principles because sadly I relapsed for several months and now only have 21 days clean.I think that this rational recovery approach is definitely worth checking out.There are however,no meetings as far as I know.I hope that this helps you.
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I definitely feel you about your struggles in AA. I know that it works wonders for so many people, but for others it just doesn't work and can even be detrimental to recovery.

You should check out some information on SMART Recovery.  From my knowledge, they are the leading self-empowering, non-12-step support group in the nation and have meetings in many different cities nationwide (including cities in Indiana) and online! I have heard great things about the program as a viable alternative to AA.


There are also several non-12-step addiction treatment centers, some better than others, but you can find them by doing a google search.

In my own recovery from gambling addiction, the 12-step meetings were a great support group (mostly due to the individuals in the group), but my recovery was mostly centered around finding deeper motivations than wanting to gamble all day, and ways of dealing with cravings (much like the SMART Recovery model teaches).

I hope this helps. 21 days clean is nothing to scoff at, keep up the good work!
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I HAve had success with both N/A and A/A but for my methadone addiction I go to one on one consoling that is the best fit for me you may want to try a substance abuse conslor or an addiction therapist these are alternatives that work.....good luck and God bless......Gnarly  
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Thank you I will I was on150+day of oxyc after a badly broken arm.I went cold turkey.I knew I could do it but I am older than last time and this is harder than I estimated it would be.Self doubt is always present.I went to bed at nine last night and got up at 6.I got up a few times but it is improving every day.Thank you for the help.I don't think I will try any organized groups this time.If they were free I would.I can't really even afford the aminos.Thanks
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hey dude a cheep way to get your amino acids is to buy whey protein shake mix its only 15 bucks for a 2lb can and has the aminos + extra vitamins as well as raw protein all of witch the brain needs to heal the chocolate flavor at bad you just mix it with milk .....drink 2 a  day and you will be getting what you need to heal I recamend it to everybody that detoxs with us you get it at walmart there the cheepest....I know what its like for money to be tight but this will be well spent good luck and God bless......Gnarly
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