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129 Days passed where did they go

Hello to everyone I know, and everyone I dont. I havent been on in a awhile but life requires more sleep when you dont pop pills to take away the boredom. How is everyone? Me im doing good just work work sleep work gym etc... Days pass fast now, thoughts as clear as they have ever been. Body reacts diffrently to situations and stress, easily annoyed but easier to calm down. My mind thinks in weeks or months ahead instead of just hours or a couple days. I find my mind recycleing all the stupid things i did when i was using and have come to the realization that im more a alcoholic than opiates being my DOC even though i went like 4 months at a time without drinking whiel i was taking opiates. To anyone starting out on this journey the begning *****, it ***** bad the w/ds are hell but the mental part is killer. But each day gets easier and easier the bad days are farther and farther apart. Its not easy but its very doable just commit to it and tell yourself each morning that "nothing can happen today thats gonna make me use" dont say "thats going to make me want to use" because thats just a lie you'll have i want to use feelings but thats just your addict brain talking not the sane or semi sane part of your brain ;). Reach out, talk to ppl , the more ppl that know what your going through the easier it is when u need a helping hand. I'll be around today here and there so post on here or send me a PM if anyone needs to talk. and HELLO EVERYONE IM NOT DEAD ;)
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Good to see that your are doing so well. Keep up the good work.
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hey crispy...good to see you and glad you are not dead.  you are an inspiration to those just starting!!!!!keep on keepin on...
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Ahhhhhhhh crispy!!!!  I am so happy to hear from you and see how well you are doing!!!!  I just want to say thanks for being there for me in the early days.  You have no idea how much you helped me.  With that all i will say is.......................
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WOW,hey their stranger.It's great to see you here.I asked Lisa a few weeks ago if she had heard from you,I hope you don't mind.She told me you were doing good,staying clean and living life.Like sara I remember how much inspiration you gave to me when I was having a rough time and I'm eternally grateful and will never forget that.I'll be hitting 6 months soon,thanks to the wonderful people here,such as yourself.I'm so happy to hear from you......Big hugs...Kim
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Hey...it's really good to hear from you and know how well you are doing! Keep up the great work!

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way to go champ keep at it congrats cause ya deserve it bro..... your  good guy.....
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love you Crispy..lol
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Remember when you and Mike were mesmerized by the ovulation tracker!!!!!  I still laugh about that one!!!!!!                    sara
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Hey Bro- long time no talk. Very glad to hear from you. I can totally relate to the annoyed part, my fuse is shorter but your rite the recovery time is better. I can`t believe it has been that many days,I feel like we are all connected in one way or another and that is a good thing. Stay Strong  brad
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Hey, Crispy,
Good to hear form you man!! Many here have been wondering where you were. Glad you are doing O.K.  I have 128 days according to Dominosarah (I try to add days and she won't let me) but I knew you were a day ahead of me, so I guess she is right!!!! Thanks Sara!!
Don't be a stranger people here care about you!
Keep going forward my friend!!
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Way to go!!!   Glad to know you are doing great.  Keep up the good work and attitude.  You are an inspiration to many.
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Was there any doubt i was right!!!!  LMAO           sara
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Welcome Back!!!!! Good to hear you're doing so well. Good to know you're okay...we've missed you..I loved your line that said "nothing can happen today that will make me want to use" I always find myself using the other line "That's going to make me want to use" whenever I've fallen off the wagon...love it. I will use it as often as I can..
Thanks for that, and thanks for the update..
Take Care,
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Please help me understand how to help my husband be free ...  he thinks it's impossible... please tell me how to help him do it.
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You sound so good Crispy!  Great update!
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wow!! You sound like you are doing so great! Everything you said is right on the money! I am so happy to hear that you are doing great and keeping busy! Stay strong and best of luck to you in all the days to come!!
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