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1300 days clean and sober

Hi, I am back, life is good, just been busy, how is everyone, and whats your clean and sober time. My thinking keeps getting better and found a much better way of life, staying positive, learned how to do all activities now clean and sober. Thank God for the AA program and the twelve steps, I behave, am much better person, and practice my anger management, so life is so good.
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Hey congrats on 1300 days thats ausum.....im also glad your living by example working the 12 steps and going to A/A .....recovery is a beautiful thing and aftercare is the most critical part to staying clean give thanks to your higher power.............Gnarly....................
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Congrats on 1300 days of pure freedom!!!  You worked hard for this and you are reaping the rewards.  I am so proud of you~
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hey Judy it's great to hear from you. What a wonderful update.
Congrats on 1300 days that's a great number. Wow 3 1/2 years.
I am very happy for you and so proud of you.
You wear your sobriety well.
Keep on keepin on.
Don't be a stranger.
Continued blessings,.
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