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1494 days clean off oxy 30's

Almost seems like I'm a different person now... But I like to check back in with Medhelp every once in awhile as a reminder to myself of the pure hell I went through and potentially as a glimmer of hope for others who are feeling the outlook is dismal. Opiates CAN and WILL be behind you, but your addiction is something that needs continual maintenance.  Stay the course.
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Right on!! congrats on your victory ..
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What a great update!!!  Congrats on your clean time!!!
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Nice Post and SO true..CONGRATULATIONS!!
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Hey  congrats on your continued recovery  good to see to see you post  if you dont mind share your recovery plan with us......Gnarly
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Thanks for your post.  I was also on oxy 30 m, only 75 days clean.  You give us all hope!
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