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16th Tramadol free day! Aftercare advice piease?

Hello everyone,
Some of you may be aware of my story as I have already posted 2 questions to help me through this dark chapter of my life but I still feel I need a little advice on things.
My main concern is my energy level which depletes quite quickly and emotional advice as I have 2 heaven sent children and Im not the person I used to be around them or other members of my family and friends at the moment.
I am eating correctly every 2-3 hours (making up for lost time I guess!) keeping well hydrated with water, (not even a cup of tea! Unheard of for an Englishman!) and exercising lightly every day for a minimum of 30 minutes,
Of course it is early days (16 days cold turkey) and Rome wasn't built in a day but my journey up this mountain has stopped for the past couple of days and it feels like I am stuck at the "basecamp" stuck but albeit halfway up!
It's just a little frustrating as I have past the addicted stage and don't even think of painkillers at all through the day, it's just that I feel good for what I have achieved as soon as I wake (after a maximum 6hours sleep on a good night)then later in the day I start to slow down,
I don't want to take vitamins or supplements orally as the thought of "necking" anything resembling a tablet makes me nauseous so I just want to know the names of goody fruits and veg which I could eat raw or blend up into "power juices"
I would eat a scabby horse fried in clarts if I could get energy boosts from it I'm that desperate.
I'm from the UK so something's stated may not be as popular over here than in the USA.
Many many thanks kind people.
Energy zapped, Richard
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ok....i'm not laughing AT you....but that comment about a scabby horse fried in clarts....OMG i laughed out loud!  too funny!  and yes the energy was one of the last things to come back for me....here's what i do....and i hate taking pills too....i bought liquid B12 sublingual (under the tongue)  it's berry flavored....and also chewable multivitamins....eat lots of proteins....fish, chicken....beans...also if you can find whey protein powder and mix your own protein shakes, it's much cheaper and tastes better cuz you can mix with what ever you like....milk, OJ....fruits etc...that helped me with the energy problem...i do go to bed earlier than i used to because i get tired quickly, but i work 2 jobs and i'm exhausted...lol  hope this helped some...i'm sure others will come along soon and give their 2 cents!  just hang in there...that plateau you hit will soon go away. :)
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Your probably thinking will this Limey sod just go to bed so I can watch Fox on my bloody sofa by now! Hehehe
I eat tin after tin of tuna in spring water mixed in a bowl with baked beans, egg penne pasta and sweetcorn all mixed up, I could eat 6 big bowls of that a day as it was all I ate when I used to work out before Mr T Ramadol introduced himself to me!
I am going to the market tomorrow and they have an aisle dedicated with vitamins and goodies so I may frazzle an employees brain asking about every single bloody one eh?
Gonna cost a fortune and I have to fill my wife's car up with diesel and that's going to be an £85 start!
Hopefully the sleep fairies will keep me asleep til Tuesday morning!
Yeah right I will have more chance grabbing fog!
Thank you toothfairie,
A soon to be lighter walleted Richard!
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well i certainly understand about the wallet!  i need to hit the grocery store as well....and i'm on here alot and there's really nothing much on tv...i'm doing stuff around the house a bit too, just to get OFF the couch....my a$$ is getting numb!  

hopefully you can find some good stuff at the market for the energy....and now i want tuna salad...uggg  lol  
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If it wasn't for me needing some goodies for myself I was considering developing the "manflu" overnight to get out of it but I am ringing my Aikido instructor at 9am to organise an acupuncture session with him as he is a fully qualified acupuncturist and I will try anything to slow me down and keep me grounded!
Just got a vision of me sitting there hopefully falling asleep looking like Pinhead from The Hellraiser films and my Sensei with a digital camera uploading snaps of me on YouTube!
I fancy listening to some 80s music on the iPad, don't care if my younger brothers point and laugh! Al just get them back when I'm up probablys at 5am with a bit of Duran Duran!
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OMG you ARE too funny . . . . and I laugh out loud when I read you as well!  I just love the silliness and humor that you are able to inject in to this whole experience (we all need it sometimes).  I know that you have done an awesome job and I KNOW it has NOT been easy.  The energy and emotional stuff will continue to challenge you; so don't let your guard down!  It's a gift from Mr. T that will keep on giving for awhile . . . but you can handle it.  Keep up as you are with the healthy eating and exercise and KNOW that it will get better (it's that darn 'baby steps' thing again!).  A HUGE congratulations on 16 days and moving . . . and thank you SO much for making me laugh and brightening my mood every time I read your posts; it's really good therapy for me (and others too, I'm sure :)

Oh - and can you get Vitamin Water?  The "Revive" formula worked very well for me those first few weeks in keeping hydrated (still drink it); has lots of b vitamins, potassium and electrolytes; and it tastes good too (and best of all it does NOT come in pill form!)

Keep it up; you are doing great!
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wow haven't thought about Duran Duran in a longgg time!  lol  hope you get some good sleep and I might try the Vitamin Water as well Julie!  

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