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18 Months/No Opiates but Having Surgery Next Week

Hey There....pretty healthy and feeling good but having some ENT surgery next week; post op meds are liquid percocet  and yes, that was my pain med (tablet) before when I became dependent.

Has anyone who quit/stopped their meds have a similar situation?  I purchased some liquid tylenol to use instead and hoping that I can just grin and bear it.  I don't have a desire to use any narcotic but if I do need too, have read that dependency can occur pretty fast after being dependent/addicted in the past.

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Yes, This happened to me in july of last year...It is a very scary thing to go through and worry about...I was honest with the surgeon, and told him my DOC was Lortab, well he said he would not give me that..So he gave me lorcet? Well to me they were the same..
I had gallbladder surgery..The pain after was pretty bad, and I had to fill the meds, and give them to my husband...I did not get that energy boost , and that was a good thing..I think when the pain is that bad, they work like they are suppose to, if taken as directed, or less if you can..
I took alot of phenegan, because i was very nauseated, and it made me sleep alot...and non addicting...So I took more of that, and it helped alot..

I know when i was in adtive addiction, Lets say i took a percocet, it did not do much for me...I think I would ask him to give me something , that definelty is not your DOC...Maybe even darvacet would me a good one, if your pain is not too bad...

I had sinus surgery before, if this is what you are having, the pain is not bad ...Best wishes too you, and congrats on your 18 months!!!
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