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19 day update.....

Know whats weird? I DON'T COUNT DAYS ANYMORE! Lol! In the beginning I knew down to the minute but now I have 19 days under my belt ( HUGE for me) ! I didn't think I would make it through those first few days but ya'll were right...I LIVED! Here I am alive and well. Its kinda like a rollercoaster ride. I have UPS and then DOWNS... Not 2 many days where its just LEVEL! Know what I mean? I KNOW I have 2 give myself time to heal. 19 days isn't going to heal 6 years of abuse! When things get really bad for me I've noticed that being HERE on MH around all of you guys HELPS TREMENDOUSLY! I don't think Ive ever laughed so much as I do when we are all goofing around... When I crave...I come here ( ha, that's why im ALWAYS here) when Im down...I come here. As many of you know I frequent many MH forums and I find that encouraging and supporting others plays a BIG part in my recovery! I KNOW the fear of WD's and I KNOW how the "flu" feels so when I see someone come on that is feeling that way MY HEART BREAKS for them... THAT FIRST STEP is the hardest...After that it's DAY by DAY...CHOICE after CHOICE! I wan't to thank you ALL for all the ADVICE, SUPPORT, and ENCOURAGEMENT! Without you guys I wouldn't be sitting here PILL FREE today! This is a community of BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE who are ALL fighting the good fight! If your lurking and wondering "can I quit?" THE ANSWER IS YES! My first post said "I CANT GET OUT OF BED WITHOUT MY PILLS!" CAN'T is a BIG WORD! CAN'T NEVER DID ANYTHING! GUESS WHAT? Ive been getting out of bed without pills for 19 days and SO CAN YOU! CAN'T is not in my vocabulary! I CAN DO ANYTHING I WAN'T on my own WITHOUT meds for assistance! AGAIN! THANK YOU ALL! Im BLESSED to KNOW YOU and I'm LEARNING SO MUCH! WHO says ya can't teach an old dog new tricks????
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Keep up the good work you crazy girl :o) LUV your spirit and ability to make me laugh :o)))

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Congratulations on 19 days!!!! I'm on day 10 today and I feel like I'm starting to see the light.  I know I'm starting to feel better when i start to really crave the pills - which is why I run back here. I'm gonna beat it this time though. I love what you said - CHOICE AFTER CHOICE!!!
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CONGRATS on day 10! That's a HUGE accomplishment and your going to start feeling BETTER and BETTER! Sticking close to this site is IMPORTANT because EVERYBODY here UNDERSTANDS! They have already walked a mile in our shoes and then some! Regardless of where we are in our recovery WE CAN PAY IT FORWARD and HELP OTHERS! Im glad your here and KEEP ON KEEPING ON! One choice at a time my friend!
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Thanks!! Today is a rough day as far as the choices go. It seems like everytime I start to feel better i forget everything and want to use again, thinking one time won't be a big deal. I know I'm wrong. Staying close to here today.
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STAY VERY CLOSE! "JUST ONE" is the BIGGEST lie we tell ourselves! Keep your mind busy! MUSIC has helped me like nobodys business! I fought through the cravings ONE SONG AT A TIME! It does get easier! Around day 10 my cravings kicked into HIGH GEAR! lol! YOU ARE STRONG so FIGHT THEM B*TCHES! Don't give in NO MATTER WHAT! Also, Consider starting a NEW THREAD so EVERYONE can stopin and encourage and support you through this rough day!
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Did I mention I miss having energy? Lol. A sloth has nothing on this girl!
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girllll, i hear ya on the sloth thing!!  LOL  and i LOVE this post...so encouraging to others!!  you are a fresh breath of air on here...you PYT's are kickin a$$ my friend!!  keep on keepin on Rosy girl!!  you got yo back any time you need us!  as i know you do my "older" one as well!!  LMAO!  HAGATEERS FOR LIFE!!  :)))
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i meant "WE" got you back....auto correct SU*CKS!!!  lol  
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LMAO! I just love the 3 hagateers!
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you know it girl!!  LOL  
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Nice Post my Dear Friend Bela. I am glad that you are doing good. Just keep it up..Oh I read some of your in our other area we go..Boy "living with an addict" sure does need all the help it can get..lol

A Big Moose-lip Kiss with Huckleberry Breath to You!!!
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Awesome post girl!  Very inspiring and so true!
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Great post and congratulations on your clean time ..Jimmy
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