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1day till the first day of my life sober

Hey all, well I've been getting things in order for tuesday. I'm lucky to have my mom come to help with my daughter.  I'm seeing the doctor tues to let him know what I'm doing. I can't remember how high my dose was exactly last year when I came off for 4 months. I'm on 100mg per day oxycodone....is that very very high?  

I have got AFTERCARE in place this time and am looking forward to the support.  I'm just scared of the pain..... when I came off last time I hadn't been able to find what to deal with chronic pain.  I know some of you suffer from chronic pain as well but wondered how you cope?  I am on an anti depressant this time which I wasn't last time. I hope my daughter is okay with my mom and knows I love her. I'm telling everyone other than my mom & dad that it's flu.

Please send your good thoughts and prayers my way as I prepare for hopefully the final time I have to do this.

thanks all

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Hi this is the first time I've seen one of your post, If you don't mind me asking what is ur pain from? Buy your screen name I would guess Fibromyalgia? If so I have this, I take savella, Lyrica & get trigger point injections (steroids) It takes the edge off. I also take motrin  & Tramadol. Now I've seen people post that they are addicted to Tramadol, however I do not get high off of it. I guess everyones body reacts differently to certain meds. I have good days, bad days, and days from hell, which I am currently having. I'm sorry I rambled on if this is not your problem.
Hope you find something that will help you.
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Yeah I have a lot of the stuff from the Thomas recipe and some boost like drinks as from what I recall I had a hard time keeping things down :(
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I am sending ALL my best out to you. You can do it, and just wondering, do you have all your information in stuff to help you through?
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