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2 1/2 years of freedom

Just wanted to brag ....I am 2 1/2 years clean off opiates today.  I m proud of myself.   I ve also lost 32 pounds last year and feel great.  After the drugs I did swamp food in place of the pills....from one addiction to another.  Life is hard but we can change ourselves if we really want to.
To those just starting recovery...please don t give up....hang in there with all you have.  The first 3 months are rough but we get through them.  The depression is horrible but it does leave.  Believe in yourself....if you really want it make it happen no matter what and remember you can never take another pill again...never.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me and thank God for med help.  Don t think I would be here without you.
I m off to work....Hope everyone has a great day today....You are all awesome....Maria :)
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Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to hear today.  I needed to know that one day I will be free from this, that there will be a time when EVERY second of my day isn't consumed of thinking of the pills, or recovery, or why i did it, etc. etc.
Congratulations to you and I hope in 2 1/2 years I will be able to post the same thing.
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Congratulations on 2 1/2 years Maria!  And way to go on losing 32 pounds!
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Every time I see your screen name it reads to me like : merryMANIA !!   LOL

A huge congratulations!!  It's great to read this! Stay in touch Maria!  xo

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I have been watching your tracker and you beat me to the punch here!!

Congrats on 21/2 yrs clean!!  I am so proud of you!!  When you finally got it you took off and didnt look back.  Do something nice for you.  Get your hair done(it should be almost time for your once a year cut isnt it?!!) buy yourself an outfit now that you are sportin a new body!  Congrats on those 32 lbs too by the way!!!

I wish you continued success in your recovery.  You go girl~~~~~sara
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I needed to hear your words too..That great Merry. Your advice about the thought " never take a pill again" is so key to this process. And I'm focusing all my energy toward that thought..Thankyou, Thankyou:)
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María, great hearing from you :) CONGRATS on those years !!!!!! All the best to you , my dear friend !
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Nice seeing you around again Maria, congrats and all the best!!!!  It's very encouraging to see people amass big clean time.

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Congrats Maria on the 2 1/2 years and the 32 lbs. That is great and it is good news for all that are struggling today. Huge congrats to you, I hope you have a great day today. Andrew
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Congratulations to you on your clean time and the dropped lbs.

Here's wishing you a lifetime of sobriety!

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You give me so much to look forward to so thank you!!  I worry about replacing the pills with food so I'm so glad to hear it all evens out!!

Congrats to you!! :)
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Way to go Maria. 2 and a half years already eh, congrats. Also congrats on losing 32 lbs and sending them my way cause that is what I have gained since quitting dope, lol. I am finally no longer skinny:). Keep working it, I am proud of you.
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Thanks everyone so much.  It was a really good day....after work I had dinner with some close friends and then got to spend 3 hours playing with my grandson.  Who could ask for more!!
gmsmom....you can do it too....hold on with all your power.  You don t need these nasty pills in your life.  Don t let them consume your thoughts anymore.  I used to think of pills 24/7 except when sleeping and even when I woke up they would cross my mind.   Your life is worth so much more.   Don t get discouraged because you feel awful even after a month or two....it really takes time for our brains to get back to normal.  
Dav125...it is important to remember that you can t take even one because one will lead back to hundreds again...it s something we have to tell ourselves every day.  A saying I learned here was 1 pill is too many...1000 never enough...
Imdone...eat your heart out and gizzy I m sure you re not fat.  15 more pounds to go and I will be at my weight at detox time.  I m going to try really hard on the cigs.  They have such a hold on me and I do want to quit but I don t if that makes any sense.  ANY ADVISE??
I will be back soon...Thank you again to all my friends above.....wishing us all the best in life because we deserve it and we choose it...love always...Maria
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Congratulations Maria on your sobriety...i can't wait till the day i can post that...i am really struggling on only 11 days and i hate all the symptoms...people on here are so supportive..its like facebook so addicting..i would rather be addicted to this than pills anyday...i hope one day to enjoy my life again...i feel so darn sick right now its hard to imagine brighter days...great job on the wiehgtloss too!!  Good luck and any suggestions are appreciated...when does the fogginess clear?  Just wondering when you finally slept through a whole night...ugh  i hate this but thank you..i feel a little better reading your post, take care
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