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2 weeks clean :)

If I look back at days 4 thru 8, I didn't think I'd make it but thanks to a lot of you I'm finally here! Thank you for pushing me through!  I'm feeling a tOn better but really exhausted, how long after your withdrawals stopped did it take you to have energy? What steps did you take to get there?  You guys are awesome:)
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Congrats on 2 weeks!   I'm just starting day 6 so reading this really inspires me to keep pushing through the rough patches
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It is likely different for everyone but I had to work on self control.  I stared eating healthy and working out.  Granted neither one of these happened over night.  I could barely do a push-up when I started and I was use to eating one meal a day because I would spend all day pacing and trying to figure out how to get my next pill, or I was using and didn't want to eat for fear of losing that feeling.  I had to start waking up early first.  Then I had to start eating something healthy for breakfast.  I then forced myself to start eating a small lunch but was still eating huge dinners.  After a while the new healthy diet started working and I obtained more energy.  I used that new energy to push me to work out harder.  I am still working on it but a healthy body makes a healthy mind.
By the way Congratulations on 2 weeks clean, I am going to cheat and eat a doughnut in celebration of your accomplishment.  : )
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Awe thank you! PorVida I am really glad that I inspire you, it really really did help me to post on here when I was at any breaking points and I can't express how much it meant to me! You CAN do it! And Bubulous, you rock!:) that's exactly how I feel right now! I find myself wondering how I can start to build my body back and if at 26 am I too old now with my asthma and just anything but actually doing it. After having an unhealthy diet of junk food and huge meals and just no exerciZe I'm ready to just do it! Please enjoy that doughnut! And anyone starting to wean or ct, it DOES get better! What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!
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You're never too old if you're young at heart.  I have asthma too but I doubt it is as severe as yours.  I would start with yoga (light yoga).  That would keep you in the safety of your house where it is warm and out of the elements.  I can get out and walk in this but if I tried to run in the cold my asthma would kick in and I wouldn't likely make it home : (
Anyway I can't remember if I told this to you or someone else but I have a basic yoga routine saved under my photos.  If you want to try it I can explain some of the yoga positions too you if you can't get it from the instructions.  Yoga is great for your mind, body, and spirit.  It works on all three elements that are important for recovery.  If the only thing you can do in the beginning is lie on your back or stomach take advantage of the meditation time for your mind and spirit, then work the body in as you progress.  I also use aroma therapy while I do it and listen to flute music or other soothing meditation music.  I use relaxing aromas to get me out of my head in the beginning like lavender or vanilla.  Then I use a citrus aroma therapy like all natural lemon spray that you can get at bed, bath, and beyond.  Citrus is a nice natural energizer and it helps re-energize you after the relaxation.  Anyway I am rambling but you get the idea.  Do what you can, focus on what you can do right now and not on what you can't.  It will come in time.
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