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2 weeks down on w/d, it's nothing new.

Well i should start feeling a change in the next 2-6 weeks. Usually when I get around 2 months I start to feel normal again. Then after awhile I guess I thought I could handle it again. Now I truly know the meaning " one pill is one too many". I was clean for 7 months relasped for 3 months now back clean. It's been a rocky road but on the positive side im figuring out what triggers me with a RELASPE and I think mines do to feeling normal again and forgetting what it's like to do drugs then get curious again. Another positive I guess if I can stay on this path I would have been clean 9 1/2 months out of the year. Beats being a dope head all year I guess. Slowly but surely figuring out my golden ticket to this addiction thing. Trying to stay positive is key for me as well as trying to find fun things to do when I'm bored! Being bored is the biggest trigger for me, I got high when I was board, which is the scariest thing. Anyways have a good day.
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Hi and welcome to the forum.....well it seams this ant your first rodeo so you know the drill.....what are you going to do different this time around to stay clean????....the real key here is something we call aftercare it is a critical step once your done with your detox..... there are many forms of it to choose from and all have the same thing in common a support system and seeking outside help....the only way to do this wrong is trying to do it alone....for some talking with the pastor of your local church is enough  for others it is a addiction therapist or a substance abuse counselor for others a 12 step progam like A/A or N/A  is the ticket....I have tried all the above and all kept me clean but I did not see growth and recovery until I joined N/A...the thing here is your still stuck with the addict in your head long after the pillls stop....the behaviors the compulsions and obsessions drive us back over and over again...it is a viscous cycle that takes work to break....N/A treats the addict and all of the above  it is free the meetings are only a hour long and with time and working the steps you will loose the very desire to use....this is the only progam that can do that for you....I thought it was all but impossible to loose the very desire that kept driving me back over and over again....it is something I thought I would have to deal with the rest of my life after 35yrs of abuse....I cannot speak more highly of the progam it will truly set you free  so give it a try....google a N/A meeting near you and go....you wont regret it.....this is a deadly disease that ends in jail institutions or death  feel free to ask questions if you have any  those that go to meetings regularly tend to stay clean....keep posting for support...>>>>>>>>>>Gnarly<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
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The "golden ticket" is NA or AA. If we could do this alone, we would have by now. I did what you did, trying so hard to twist my brain into figuring it out but always ended up in the same place, using again. Wish you luck.
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hi ht i agree, i relapsed many times because i was a few months clean and i thought i was 'doing better' and i forgot what it was like to detox and go through recovery.  i go to NA and AA ... it has been great ... i hate asking for help but when i do the returns are enormous.  i hope you give aftercare a try.  good for you for getting up and trying again!  hope you stick around

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