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2 years clean off opiates, thank you vets in here!

Wanted to thank some of the people that were here couple years back, this early morning marks my 2 year clean date. I never attended n/a and didn’t get on here much but none the less I’m living the sober life. Anyone one just scrolling w/ding reading this hang in there I forgot what high feels like. Don’t even crave it so just keep pushing forward. Finding NEW Hobbies was a big thing for me, quicker you find fun positive things in life you’ll just sit around jnmotivated. One day at a time
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Typing on my phone sorry for the misspelled words. Clean in ks name tag thank you!
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Congrats on your clean time!!!!  So glad you posted and gave us an update!!
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Such GREAT NEWS!!!  We celebrate with you in having TWO YEARS CLEAN!  So glad you have found some new hobbies that are bringing you joy!  That's a LOT of "one day(s) at a time"!  Thank you for coming back and letting us know how good you're doing!  
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