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2 years!

Hi all,
My 2 year anniversary of quitting Fioricet is on the 23rd. I won't be able to post around then, so want to do so now. I'm predicting that I will make it these last 5 days!!
As time has passed, my life has filled up with other things than counting pills, hiding them, and letting things go. Exercise was a big help, good rest, being easy on myself and kinder to those close to me.
I see good things ahead, make plans for my life and things to do with my family. I'll check in next year (feel like I'm now on a yearly plan).
Thanks to those who help new people here--sure did help me get through some rough times early on.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays! and a very Happy New Year!!
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Congratulations on your 2 years. We need to hear, and show others starting their journey that recovery is possible.
Happy Holidays as well ...
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woo cork!!! yay you!
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Congratulations !
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I tell you this everytime cork but i am so proud of you!  Congrats on 2 yrs of freedom~

Merry Christmas~
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Congrat's to you and all you've accomplished!  2 years is a long time my friend to be drug free.  Feel proud!
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I'm so proud and happy for you!  I know how hard this was for you and you DID IT!   xo xo
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