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200 days and......

HEY angels!!!!!  How's everyone hangin?  Today marks 200 days clean for me.  Whoopty doo, whoppty doo for me, cha cha dance to help set me free!!!  Fake it til you make it or....buy some "corelle" and BREAK it!!!!!......that works for me! lol

Ya, so it's been one h*ll of a freak show....life I mean.....clean and sober or sh*t faced with your head in the porcelain gutter; life is going to occasionally s*ck!  What it all comes down to for me lately is ......if it's going to
s*ck, it really is a lot easier to handle "s*ck" clean and sober.  This I have learned and I promise everyone who's going through tough times starting their journey; know that whatever it is your life has for you to face right now,
it is bareable and doable and better and easier NOT being clouded.

I have been very "George Bailey" lately in my "head space", but I know how much worse it would be if I were to
fallback.  It would be disasterous......misery feeds misery.

Again.....thank you to everyone here, new and seasoned; although I haven't been posting I am still reading and
gathering nuggets and jewels that I've gleaned from you all in your trials that you've shared.

I have to give a props out to the fabulous sunny MsD!!!!  Had a chat with her today and omg, I love her!!  She just
has a way of caring and reaching out to others!!!!! Don't know what we'd do without her!  Btw, sexy N.Y. accent! lol, God, I love it!  Why is it accents are more subtle when you are singing?  Anyway, woot woot Ms.D. hugs by me. :o}

Anyway peeps, keep walkin the good walk and never let the horizon out of your sight. (that's a good tip too if you tend to get motion sickness). hahahaha. ya, I'm all about the "helpful hints"
hugs out all, love yas!  xo
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Oh...it's a wonderful life indeed :) Gratz on day 200. I love your enthusiasm and I agree, misery feeds misery, but the opposite is also true, and your fire is warming me at this very moment. Thank you for the inspiration :)
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There was a time not so long ago when I thought I could only feel there way Spider does today if I was high. Now I know how stinkin' my thinkin' was! I relapsed just about at 200 days but I've cleaned it up again - thank God without too much damage I think.  Go Spider! Congrats! That big anniversary - 1 whole year of being alive again - is just around the corner!
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Incredible job!!! 200 days is an incredible accomplishment and your post is so true and inspiring!!! I wish you nothing but continued success, health and happiness..

All the best,
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Super big congrats to u, Spidey!!!  Wow!  200 days!!  U rock girl!!!...love u! xo
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Wow!  That's incredible!  Congrats to you!!!  <3
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AWESOME!  You should be so PROUD of yourself.  I love your post.  Having a clean life doesn't mean it will be a perfect life, it means that it is easier to manage the hard times.  You are so strong lady.  If you ever need a Corelle  throwing party - I'm in!  :-p
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Congrats Spider on 200 days!!!!
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Aww congrats on day 200!! You're an incredible woman. I am sooo proud of you.
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Awesome!!!!  I love the fact that you counting in days...b/c it is a daily accomplishment for us!  Congragulations to you and all of your hard work!
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Congratulations my sweet friend on 200 hard won days. I am soo proud of you!!  We went through some tough times together, but we got through and helped each other, and I thank you my friend. Nothing but good times ahead for you!! Always,
Kat xoxo
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Yayyyyy!!!! 200 Days is incredible .... Very inspiring! Keep moving forward :-)
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Thank you so much for the inspiration and encouragement!!! Congratulations fellow Canadian!!
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Awesome post!!!  Congrats!!!  That's what everyone is striving for !!!!!
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You go girl!! 200 days is so wunnerful!!! And you da best baby believe it! Love always you darn rockstar you!
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Hey congats on 200 days your well on your  way to a lifetime of clean time but always remember we do this just for today.....Gnarly
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Congrats on the 200 days! Whoop Whoop!
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Congratulations. ...happy dance...im so proud of u.
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YAHOOOOO!! Way to go Spider. I was thinking about you yesterday and was going to check with you..I just LOVE your post Girl..Keep it up anyway you can..hahaha
Bless U Always
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Congrats spider your the bombinest! 200 days that's unreal.  So cool!!!!
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Congratulations Spider on 200 days clean and sober. Well done xx
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Congrats Spidey...keep "crawling" along.  
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Wowser!  Look at all you cherubs coming out to chirp me up. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Bless you all on your quest to retrieve your lost souls.  Every breath moves you closer to your "whole ness" with yourselves.  Love you all.  Hugs xo
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Sorry I'm late to the party, but congrats on your 200 days!!! Whoop whoop!!!  Love your posts and your awesome sense of humor!  So happy for you :))))
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Congrats on 200 days. Little Spidey needs a tommy tickle.
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