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200 days clean

Today is my 200th day clean from a 14 year heroin addiction. The hardest 200 days of my life but the best also. Not every day was easy i had some massive battles not to through it all away. But some how i managed to get through them. How determination willpower and great aftercare. Thats what is so good about aftercare you can talk to your councillor and let it all out. Before it was always Kim witch was not fair as Kim had beat her own addiction and i was giving her my problems. That is why you need to get good aftercare to keep clean, we are lucky here having the national health service.its free health care.Were igo for my aftercare is only 10 mins away from were i stay. But if iv got a problem i phone Ethel and she will see me that day. I done it last week when Kim was ill. I phoned and Ethel told me to come up. Let her take all the problems not Kim as she said thats what Ethel taylor is there for to listen . So for everone trying to get clean you going to need aftercare. For without it i kept relapsing all the time. Now i have no guilt no secrets nothing but honesty.So i just thought i would like you to know aftercare is a must. Every body needs it the more the better. I would never have seen 200 days without the aftercare. Thanks for lisening to me ,,,James
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Its always good to get a positive report from you, James!  I remember more than 200 days ago and how you have had to struggle with a lot on your plate - -  Its  not an easy thing to do, is it? But everyone here is proud of you!  Now you are in such a good position to help some others with your story...... Way to go -
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To threagle.Thank you, and  yes your right its not easy to do. Im glad you understand just how hard it is. Yes i did struggle to even keep my life together. Now im back head of my family and got my respect back. Hope you are keeping well the eagle Thanks again ,,,,James
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Wow James, way to go!  Congratulations on 200 days :)
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Thank you so much it was hard still is. But it does get easier and the aftercare is what sealed it for me. Without it i would not have 2 days never mind 200. Thank you so much again ,,,,James
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hey my friend james
  :)  :)   :)  :)  so happy for you. you are doing great. yes now you understand why the aftercare is sooo important. i am so proud of you. 200 days, a wonderful day. yes it is so good to be free of the chains and bondage of addiction, no more lies,deceit, secrets,wheeling and dealing, cheating,stealing. now you have more money.
cruising in your new car!!!!!  
continue to fight the good fight, keep on praying, keep on believing.
i am praying for you and kim
love you brother
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Thank you so much Debbie. Yes aftercare was the key to my sucsess. And the good ppl that i have got to know. You are one of them Debbie. You are also right i can live a truthfull life. No more secrets. Again thank you Debbie. When you prayed for us and i prayed for us. Our prayers were answered. I will also keep on praying and keep on beleiving in myself. This is one very happy happy day for me Debbie Love ya to Debbie x
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Very,very proud of you...
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Thank you Vicki im veryproud of myself
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Good Morning James my Brother... Hot Damn James !! 201 days.. Way to go !! You should take so much pride in this accomplishment !! Not only have you saved your own life but you are becoming a part of society with your volunteer work ! I feel such Pride in my Heart for you.. You have your family and the head of the household You have your life and feel valued :) I'm just over the top for you and feel much gratefulness to Ethel !! You persevered my friend you are winning your inner war..

Achieving Success..

Challenges are the fuel along the road to worthwhile goals. First, make a difference for one person. Then, make a difference for many, and wealth and freedom will follow by natural order.

There is more to success than reaching goals.... Success must also include a joyful appreciation of living — an authentic joy that pulls us toward the next episode of our life's purpose.

Winning is not a true measure of success. Success for its own sake or winning to acquire trophies and awards overlooks true success that can only be measured by inner growth.

Passion behind a clear goal is a powerful force. You can gain enormous control over that force by focusing on one small step that you need to take.

The ultimate recipe for achievement is working cooperatively with others to improve the quality of life for all.

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No action is too small; no choice is insignificant. Together they are the brush strokes that create the final masterpiece of our design.

Life isn't just reaching peaks. Part of it is moving from one peak to the next. If you rest too long in between, you might be tempted to quit. Climb the next mountain and enjoy the view.

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The Creator placed the seeds of success in the exact place they would be needed; they live inside of us, waiting to germinate, grow, and blossom.

when I read these words I think of you.. You have earned them.. love letakos
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hey James congrats on 200 days your doing great that rehab really seamed to do the trick that and lots of aftercare but like all of us we do this '''just for today'' keep up the good work buddy I think you got it beat this time your friend and fellow addict Mark
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Congrats to you James. Stay strong!
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I have lost track...I think it is 2 years and 9 months that I am opiate free.
I still have less pain than when I took opiates and deal with it differently now,just OTC meds and warm soaks.
Its good to see you stilltrying being so good.
Luv yaz all
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Oops I miscounted ...it has been 649 days..That is almost 2 years.
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It is amazing to hear you talk like this James!  Congrats on the 200 days!!  You are finally living!!  Keep reaching out.  Sobriety looks real good on you~~~

Hope Kim is feeling better.  Give her a hug from me~~~sara
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I haven't been here in a long-a$$ed time, so I don't know whether or not you remember me, but I remember YOU!  Congratulations on 200 days James!  What a journey you've been on!  I think you've probably helped out lots of people by sharing your story.  Good for you man, good for you!
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James a big CONGRATS on 201 days clean keep it up.
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Way to go James! I'm happy 2 hear ur doing good. Congrats on those 200 days. Hugs to ya....Ang
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I just read some of the post Im happy for you and hope you continue on the road to your success! Stay positive and I'm sure you will,. Its nice to hear about someone doing well as that drug as well as many take so many peoples life's away from them, as I am not an addict but have a daughter and a significant other ( well had ) that struggle with the same addicition
Peace love and sobriety
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A can only say one thing. I want to thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments. And i do rember everyone old and newbies Lol. I cant pick a top answer. They were all top to me. I will continue to be positive and keep moving forward. Again thanks a million. guys and gals,,,,,,James.PS Its been a long hard road thus far but does get a wee bit easier each day...
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