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2010 Roll Call

I hope 2010 is off to a good start for everyone. Brag away about your clean time everyone, it's always great to hear, regardless if it's a day or a year. To the newcomers here, you help us out a lot also. By reading your early struggles and how hard you fight to get clean is an inspiration and a reminder to us that we never want to go back to drugs. Congrats to everyone on their clean time:)

I will be 6 months this week and thankful to no longer be a prisioner to drugs. We are all in this together and together we will succeed.
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60 days clean and doing well
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622 days off pills

2835 days sober

Congrats to everyone on their clean time!!          sara
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79 days for me.  But now i think my daughter is addicted to Zanax and it makes me want to use.  But I know I can't if i am going to help her.
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218 days of heroin for me and Kim and 60 days of cocaine for me too...Congrats to everyone else wether its 1 day or 100 days, keep up the fight...james and kim
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just 8 days for me :) Feeling good though. Congrats to all.
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Show yourself and your daughter that you can live clean.  Congrats on the clean time!!  sara
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Hey you...thanks for reminding us that we need to celebrate the newer ones successes as well as be there...remeber what it feels like to be scared,hopfeful,excited,and just ready to live life clean!!!! To the "newer" memebers, you CAN do it!!Look at Sara's clean time and the others!! As Gizz says, we're all in this together and together we can succeed!
So, to answer your question my friend, it's almost 1 year for me!!!! Holy crow I can't even believe it,lol!! Thank you to you,my freind, for all you've done.You know "granma" loves ya,lol!!! And to the others: Sara,Sophie....and the others thank you thank you!!Love ya guys!!
HAng in there everyone and be strong!!
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this gramma loves you too!!  Way to go girl!!  Nice to see you.  Stick around would ya!!   sara
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Going on 4 days for me again and feeling pretty good today so far!  Ghats hardly anything compared to some but I'm still proud....lol!!!
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Five days for me so far this is the hardest thing I have ever done.  It’s good to see all of you that have done well…congratulations!
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203 days free of oxazepam for me!!! Yeeeeehah!!!

Congrats to all of you, Y'all ROCK!!! To all the newbies, stick around, this is a great place and YOU can all do this. Keep posting and  keep informing yourself and don't forget the aftercare...

Thanx Tomskat, love you tooooooo and congrats on your almost-one-year clean, woooohoooo!!!

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Starting a new year, a new life!!

303 days of Hydro

233 days without a cig.

Congrads to all of you!  For those just starting the fight, it is so worth it.
The free feeling is pretty awesome!

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35 days off oxycontin and percocets.

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47 days off oxycontin, longest ever....I just want to thank everyone on here who's helped me get this far.
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Is that really you girl?!!!!  Way to go on that clean time!!!!  I am so proud of you      sara
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83 days. But on Suboxone taper. after 12 years of Oxy, perks, hydros, heroin, cocaine, zanex, methadone, methamphetamine. Live alone and way out in the forest. Real glad I found you.
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Glad your here fogmussher.....sara
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9 days off Percocet and Vicodan.....Wooo HOOO
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Day 6 for me & I feel great!! Me & the hubs are so excited to start our "new" lives together! Congrats to all, the way time flies it'll be day 100 for me b4 I know it! xoxoxo
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12 days here and never I'm not even looking back.  I got 26 more days till the Daddy Daughter Dance (I can't wait!!!!)  By then I'll have a good month under my belt so I better get my butt into gear.

Congrats to everyone.....

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i just passed 1 + 1/2 years on Jan 5th..... free of opiates....freedom is great...congrats to everyone here no matter how long.....to the new people...hang in there...it is so so worth it...it may take time but you ll be free and clean time really goes by faster than you can imagine....a big heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped me be free...fight with all your might....maria :)
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Going on 5 days...this time through...and it is the best I have felt in over a year.  I have been battling to quit for over three months, with clean time and relapses along the way.  Got my "abuse" assessment today and will be starting aftercare soon.

I cannot tell everyone how exciting this is...it is truly possible...get up, brush off and move forward...it's not bs...

- Free
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Nice to see you here free!  You may remember me from couPle months ago!  You helped me alot and here I am with you again but I'm in day 4 again!   Feeling good untill couple hours ago but I know the mental game will pass....it's easing a little already!  I'm in it to win it this time!   HATE this feeling!
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14 days today for me.
I want 2010 to be my year
I want 2010 to be my decade
Enough is/was enough already
Haven't been clean for 14 days in a VERY long time.
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