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2018 is a new year......

So, last night, I picked up my 4 year key tag at my N/A meeting here with my homegroup.  My sponsor was there, my husband was there, some of my kids came as well.  The difference is night and day from where I was at just 4 years ago.  

When I read through some of the posts I realize there's a commen theme.  We are scared after a couple of days into our withdrawal's that we are going to stay like that.  My brain was a wet noodle for months after getting clean and I was really scared because it had been so long since I'd not had some type of substance in my body controlling me, that I forgot what normal felt like.  I LITERALLY forgot!!!???  Giving myself a break and some time was definetly necessary to get to where I am today.  I was told early on.....you have to be ok with not being ok for a little while.  If you do the necessary work to get clean and stay clean you head, energy, motivation, health, everything will come back online....it won't happen in 3 days, 1 week, 1 month.....it takes time and you have to take it!  

4 years ago yesterday I came on this site desperate, sick as SHITTTT!!!, fearful, crazy, and asked for help.  The people on this site helped walk me through my withdrawal process until I was able to get into recovery.  For this....I am forever grateful.  I love you people more than you will ever know.......My name is Melissa, I am a wife, mother, small business owner, and an addict.  Yesterday....I made 4 years clean!  It can be done.
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This brought a tear to my eye; you've described the process perfectly.
I decided to check in today and I'm glad I did! I wouldn't want to miss saying CONGRATULATIONS to you!    
                                                                                V.  xo
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Girrrrrl!!! I'm so proud of you. You are one of the winners for sure. I agree w/ every word as usual. Fantastic!
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I am SOOOOOOOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!  It has been such a pleasure watching you grow into the woman you are today.  Your strength and determination is amazing.  I remember those early days....you were so sick and so full of emotional pain but little by little you relaxed and opened your ears!  I am so grateful you are a part of my recovery as i have learned so much from you.  Congrats!!
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Congratulations:  Hmmm ....  That really doesn’t sum up what you’ve accomplished.  You were there supporting others (me) while fighting your own battle.  I’m proud of you and happy for you.  Isn’t life great when the sun is shining!    
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Congratulations Melissa!!! I am so happy for you and very proud of you. Wow, 4 years already. Awesome.
Your wear your recovery well. Thanks for sticking around.
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You're an inspiration to me and feel the same now as what you talk about, forgetting how I normally feel etc. One day at a time, pushing on through it :-) Well done for your achievement!
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Hi Girl,
I am a little late but I want to tell you how Proud I am too. Wow, it has been 4yrs now for you and I remember when you first came here. You really know how to work recovery!

I finally had to buy a new computer. This is why I have not been on here.. GOOD GOING!!!!
Bless U
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How did I miss this one?! Such a good post Melissa! Your encouragement and courage are inspirational! To be ok with not being ok... wow...so true.  And it's harder than it sounds if you've never done it. I'm working on that now so I know! Congratulations!!!  
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I love this so much congrats
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