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22 Months Tomorrow

So tomorrow marks 22 months since I stopped using Fioricet. Feeling good, life's busy. I had to check to see the date! Still taking a day at a time, but really no urge to use. Not much to report except life is better without....hi to those who helped me in the early days.
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What a great post to see cork!!  I am so proud of you!!
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Good job, congratulations!
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Awesome Cork!!  Congrats...
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So proud of you. Thanks for going before.
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I'm very proud of you honey and can't believe it's almost two years. Did you think you would make it this far in the beginning?  I'm glad you DID make it and I know what a bear Fioricet is!  xo.  xo
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You sound good, Cork~  A HUGE congrats on 22 months!
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Go Cork!
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Thanks all. No Vicki, I did not think 2 yrs possible! But it certainly is, as you know with all your time under your belt. It's like when you have a baby: the days are long, but the years (months) are quick. After the painfully long first days/months, the rest seems to speed by!
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